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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just chillin...

..and killin time before the Jackets game watching the Lightning / Bruins matchup on Center Ice. I was wondering what the score of the Michigan / Ohio State hockey game so I fired up the ole laptop and stumbled across this wicked (needed to throw that word in there since I mentioned Boston) cool gametracker on CSTV - here is the link to college hockey game:

Go here and scroll down to the game and select "gametracker". Very slick!

Unfortunately the Buckeyes are losing 4 - 1, ouch!

Speaking of gametrackers - another excellent site to follow multiple NHL games, especially for you fantasy players, is -- go here and then click 'gamecenter' link to the game you'd like follow. For instance here is the direct link to the Bruins / Lightning game.

I love it because the interface is really slick, you can keep track of multiple games in a click and if you scroll over the player's name it instantly shows the stats in real time as well.

You see when you have a two year old and a wife that works some nights as a nurse and no local parents or inlaws to babysit you spend a lot of time at home and for me that means more hockey :)


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