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Monday, October 29, 2007

What's the deal with all the scouts at CBJ games recently?

The past two home CBJ games the Dispatch has reported that there has been as many as 14 scouts from around the NHL in is somebody on the block? Its certainly possible but I think its much more likely to be one of the following:

1. The secret is out. The word has spread faster than a Pascal Leclaire right pad save off a wicked one timer from the point - the Jackets are good this year. Part of a pro scout's job is to keep tabs on all NHL players - especially ones that may be on the block. Part of their job as well is to find out what all the fuss is about and just how good is the Columbus team and what are they and their players doing to turn this ship around so quickly? Remember, the NHL is a copycat league - if one team is finding success playing a certain way you can bet the rest of the league will follow - or at least will learn all they can about it to stop you.

2. I think the entire league is re-evaluating the CBJ roster now that they have an elite coach that knows how to mold talent. Remember that article in the Dispatch last year from that "anonymous" scout that basically panned the entire CBJ roster and its draft picks -- well I wonder what he's saying now?

3. Of course the one everybody likes to jump right on is the possibility that a trade is in the works - me included as who doesn't like a good trade! Of course any good GM will tell you that they listen to any and all offers and they are always exploring ways to improve their teams but I think even GM Scott Howson would tell you that it would take quite a bit to make a move right now to shake up this team the way their are playing and gelling. I bet a lot of teams are kicking themselves right now because any chance of landing a guy like Nikolai Zherdev for relatively low value has gone straight out the window with the way this guy is playing early on this season.

Oh and this whole Forsberg bit was basically shot down today by Aaron Portzline of the Dispatch. I read that rumor and quite frankly didn't give it much thought since as even as great of a player Forsberg is and even with the history he has with coach Ken Hitchcock -- speaking of, wasn't Forsberg one of the lead voices in saying the team needed a change once Hitch got canned in Philly? -- I just don't see this team as a fit for him or Jackets.

Thinking about that scouts comments and others "experts" throughout the league panning the Jackets draft picks got me thinking and I'll have a complete run down on where the top draft picks of the CBJ stand thus far in their development a little later today.


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