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Friday, October 5, 2007

Anaheim Ducks @ Columbus Blue Jackets 10/05/07 7:00 P.M. EST

Its finally here!

Here is a very quick game preview for tonight's game.

Probable lines according to the Columbus Dispatch:

Nash - Fedorov - Vyborny
Chimera - Novotny - Zherdev
Modin - Malhotra - Brule
Shelley - Fritsche - Boll

Klesla - Tollefsen
Hejda - Foote
Russell - Hainsey


Some game notes:

Its interesting to see that indeed Hitchcock is dressing Jody Shelley tonight and that 4th line will have more of a traditional look tonight. This is most because the Ducks dress a tough lineup so the Jackets will want to match that. I am very surprised to see Fritsche centering the 4th line. Look for him to move up that lineup.

Russell and Hainsey make up the 3rd pair. That duo is a little scary as both guys are offensive minded and do not play a physical game. They'll see some 5 on 5 time and lot of PP time.

Duvie Westcott has been scratched which I'm sure caught his attention. He's been a turn over machine in camp so lets see if this lights a fire under him.

The 2nd and 3rd lines are interchangeable so don't read much into that.

Don't forget to check out the Columbus Dispatch this morning - they have a 6 page preview of the Jackets season. Can read the coverage here.

I'll have a post game analysis sometime tonight or early tomorrow!

Enjoy the game and season everyone. I think we are in a for a good one!

11 hours til the puck drops for real!


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