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Thursday, October 11, 2007

ESPN ranks the coaches

Somehow, someway Scott Burnside ranked Ken Hitchcock 13th in the league:

13. Ken Hitchcock, Columbus Blue JacketsHitchcock doesn't have much to work with yet in Columbus and his Flyers did struggle mightily out of the gate a season ago, which ultimately cost him his job. But Hitchcock is still one of the game's great coaching minds.

I wasn't expecting Hitch to be #1 but talk about a "what have you done for me lately" ranking. He ranks 9 coaches ahead of him who haven't even won the cup but because they have had good record over the past year they are better coaches? Puh-lease.

Hitch has not only won a Cup and Gold Medal at the 2002 Olympics, the man has NEVER missed the playoffs with a full year behind the bench at the NHL level. I think that just slightly trumps a guy like Michel Therrien who took over a team with Sidney Crosby as its centerpiece and made the playoffs last year.

I usually don't take these rankings to seriously and this one is no different....but if your looking for a good laugh check this one out.


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