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Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Flag Bearer

I just got around to checking my email this evening and noticed that the Jackets have a new "e-magazine" called The Flag Bearer:

They have some pretty cool stuff in there like a Q&A with Adam Foote and a monthly message from GM Scott Howson.

Here is some of the Foote Q&A:

How would you describe this year’s Blue Jackets team compared to the previous two since you joined the club in 2005?

I think there is a lot of good leadership. The young players who were here two years ago are now that much older and with the changes there is a new, fresh start and we have a clear thought process of how we’re going to become a championship team. I think that all of that together from top to bottom we’re just a better team.

Outside of Nationwide Arena in Columbus and the Pepsi Center in Denver, what arena do you enjoy playing in the most?

I’ve always loved playing in Chicago. I think it has a lot to do with the old Chicago Stadium and I love the city. It has a lot of character. United Center has kept a lot of those feelings, so I’ve just always liked playing there.

What meant more to you… winning a Stanley Cup championship or helping Canada win its first gold medal in 50 years?

I thought the Cup would be way more important and I’d feel a lot better after winning it, but I’d have to say winning the gold medal was very close to having the same value to me. That surprised me, but today when people in Canada talk to me they talk more about the gold medal than the Cup. I guess it means a lot to them.

I'm not exactly sure how you can sign up for this news letter but they do include an email for anyone with questions so I would recommend contact them @

Next month they will have an interview with Ole Kristian Tollefsen and you can email questions in to him at

Great stuff. I love they way they've embraced the logo/flag and their civil war roots. We now have an identity to be proud of (i.e. nobody will think of our name as a bug - thank gawd!).


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