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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Picards back

According to Puck-rakers its Alexandre Picard who gets the call to replace an injured Chimera.

I certainly didn't see this one coming.

Chimera has been a top 6 winger most of the season so if I had to guess I would have banked on the Jackets adding someone with a little more scoring punch. We knew it wouldn't be Filatov or Mayorov b/c those kids are in Russia's World Junior camp preparing for that tourney kick off on Dec 26th.

In 16 games on the farm Picard has 2g and 5a.

There has been a lot of line juggling as Hitch looks to get this offense back on track so with Picard in the fold and assuming Murray is out the top and bottom six should consist in some form/fashion of the following:

Top 6: Nash, Huselius, Umberger, Brassard, Modin, Voracek
Bottom 6: Peca, Malhotra, Boll, Dorsett, Novotny, Picard

I don't watch Syracuse so I can just go by what's on paper and from what I've seen from guys this year and last -- I personaly wouldn't have minded giving MacKenzie a look-see. He showed last year and can adapt to a bottom 6 six role and is a hard worker. There is also the veteran Michael York who leads the team in scoring.

Anyhow.. we all know what Picard can bring and that's energy, hitting, some agitation.. and lately the ability to receive punches! I look for that kind of game tonight and any offense he can provide on top of that is a bonus.

Speaking of Syracuse. They dropped yet another game last night 5-1 to Grand Rapids. Mike York with the loan goal.


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Anonymous said...

It's too bad Freddy didn't take the assignment to the Crunch. With Mason up here, and their other guy hurt.. they could really use Freddy to start getting some wins going again.