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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stat of the day

Just read an article that posted the best local NHL TV ratings in the US and found it interesting.

Top US Local Ratings 2008-09 Season
NHL Teams Avg. Local HH Rating

Buffalo Sabres 8.9
Pittsburgh Penguins 5.7
Detroit Red Wings 3.3
Minnesota Wild 2.6
Philadelphia Flyers 2.1
Colorado Avalanche 1.9
St. Louis Blues 1.9
Boston Bruins 1.6
Washington Capitals 1.2
Chicago Blackhawks 1.2
San Jose Sharks 1.2
NY Rangers 1.2

I wasn't expecting the Jackets to be top 10 so needless to say I wasn't surprised that they didn't make the list. St. Louis being in that group is a bit surprising considering their recent struggles the past few seasons.

If anyone out there knows the Jackets local ratings and would like to share I'd love to see em! Just email or post in the comments.


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