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Saturday, December 20, 2008

You be the judge...

Dubinsky's allowed goal vs. the CBJ that essentially decided the game:

Here is another view of the Dubinsky goal courtesy of Dave:

Malhotra's disallowed goal that essentialyl decided the game (pretty fuzzy):

How the NHL (Bettman, Campbell, whomever) can justify to any Columbus fan that Malhotra's goal was a "disitinct kicking motion" when a goal like Dubinskys isn't is complete garbage.

...and to hear Campbell say there is no favortism in today's paper....right bud. If there isn't then you damn well better start calling things consitantly b/c clearly (see examples above) that is NOT happening.

Thanks for the link on the Dubinsky goal Stephen!



Rick said...

Just read this in Puck Rakers;

"Blue Jackets center Derick Brassard will likely have season-ending shoulder surgery, The Dispatch has learned. The recovery will be four to six months."

How is this going to affect our already depleted team? It can't be good. Who do you think will replace him?

LTL said...

Hey Rick.. I just typed up a post on this...

I think its going to have to be center by committee... Umberger/Peca/Manny/Novotny... Yikes what a difference not having Brass in that mix makes..


Sue said...

Add Crosby's winning goal in OT against the Sabres on 12/22 to these videos. It is clear Toronto is biased. Superstar Crosby (the NHL's own marketing God) was awarded a goal that was hit by Crosby with a high stick above the crossbar. But a quick review (probably in normal speed) by Toronto gave Crosby the goal and the Penguins a win! If that would have been CBJ, the goal would have been disallowed!