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Friday, December 19, 2008

Jackets get screwed....again!

Hitch in his post game interview:


Your damn right we did Hitch!

I don't think this screw job tops the Minnesota waive off due to inconclusive evidence even though it was ruled a goal on the ice... but its damn close!

How anyone can think Manny Malhotra is talented enough to kick a puck with one skate in the air while trying to avoid the Dallas goalie is out of their friggan mind.

If it was waived off right away that is one thing...but both officials called it a goal!!

These points are way to valuable and this is twice the Jackets have been robbed/dicked/screwed/hosed/cheated out of points they earned.

Toronto is a joke and this replay system is a farce.

I'm glad Hitch spoke up and I'm glad Jim Day told it how it is. Columbus has to stop taking this bullsh** from the league and fight back.

A poster on HF put it best. If that was Mike Modano with that play its a goal every play, any day, any season.

Sorry for the rant but I'm one pissed off fan and I'm sick of seeing this team get jobbed by a league that allows some remote "room" to make calls based on the flavor of coffee they drink.

To top it off we lose Brassard for 3 to 4 weeks with a seperated shoulder and where has Pascal Leclaire gone?

I'm glad we got a point and I'm proud of the way this team competed but damn......



Rayth said...

LTL, I will only disagree with one point.

This was a worse call then the Nash screw job.

When I watched the Nash goal, I could easily see an arguement for a non-goal. Although it was like watching an episode of Benny Hill as they sorted it out.

In this case, it wasn't even close. That is an easy of a call as you can get.

Simply put, the War Room was looking for any possible reason to reverse that call. This was bias, pure and simply. It's a disgrace to hockey and the War Room should be disbanded. They have no place in this game.

eplagge said...

Unbelievable, this is just a complete disgrace... I want to do something about this... LTL/fellow readers, can we sign a petition ??
Is there a formal way to send in complaints ?? This is simply inexcusable, pure and simple..
The level of hatred I feel towards the NHL/Toronto can not be described in words...
I am just utterly disgusted and seriously pissed off.

THIS WAS A GOAL, there is no reason for disallowing this goal except for pure unadulterated bias/corruption... shame on you Toronto....
I am sick and tired of being ridiculed by these mother$#%$% in Toronto, looking for any excuse to rip us off...
Have they EVER ruled anything in our favor ?? 1 or 2 calls maybe, versus 17-25 against us...
Why do they hate us so much ??? Why the grudge... I'm simply stunned.. ..

Combine that with the 4-6 week loss of Brassard and I am just completely deflated... (why the heck was he fighting anyways, rookie mistakes could be costly this season)...

Let's go Jackets and F#&K Toronto..


Stephen said...

The CBJ are the scapegoats of the NHL.

How about the charge on Nash that wasn't called. It was a blatant charge, and should have been a penalty. If that was against Sid, alexO, its called immediately.

I'm getting tired of this.

Anonymous said...

Lots of no calls on boarding and charging penalties, quick whistles for Turco, and then the famous distinct-kicking-motion on the overtime game winner. And what was up with the no-call when Nash tripped Richards and then took the puck up ice and got mauled by 3 stars? Nothing?

I'm starting to think that some NHL refs are bought and sold much like the NBA. Didn't think it would be Kerry Fraser but maybe they make him wear a helmet to head the microchip in the back of his head.

Please do some sort of expose on all the no-goal calls that have gone to Toronto. I would love to see how many of them have gone against us.

JAL said...

Don't want to ramble here, as I did that enough on my blog, so please visit there.

Here is the info to contact the NHL, which I am doing:

Mr. Gary Bettman, Commisioner
Mr. Colin Campbell, Sr. Executive Vice-President & Director of Hockey Operations
National Hockey League
1251 Avenue of the Americas, 47th Fl.
New York, NY 10020
Phone: 212-789-2000 Fax: 212-789-2020

A disgraceful show by the NHL last night.

You had to love our offensive energy and looseness. We lost our competitive composure at times, and that hurt us. Brassard was stupid for fighting, and so was Boll. We had the lead at that point -- don't fall into their trap and give them emotion.

Pazzy needs time in the AHL to work out his issues and his confidence. Since his great show in Buffalo, it has been 5 or more goals virtually every time. No rebound control, and unable to clear the puck from around him. Defenseman made some gaffes in our own crease, to be sure, but they haven't had to do that a lot with Mason. I love Pazzy, but he needs to swallow some pride and do some work.

The team is showing a lot of character under some tough conditions. They might just blow Phoenix out of the water.

I will post the text of my letter to the NHL on my blog, and keep you updated on any response I receive.

A Shot From The Point

Wally said...

The game was so ugly, complaining about bad calls or a non-goal just doesn't do much for me. I'll admit, we should have gotten 2 points but if Pazzy had been on the ball, or had they pulled him after the first few quick goals to get his head together, maybe it would have been a 5-3 CBJ win instead of a sour 6-5 loss? Pazzy was rattled early on & I don't think our guys did much to help calm his nerves. Funny how that happens.

We'll see how they respond with PHX tomorrow night... hopefully it will be a quick & senseless shot to the jugular. Other than the recent injuries, there is no good reason we shouldn't be thumping the next few teams.

tomdury said...

FSN just replayed the game and i made sure to watch the last couple minutes of the 3rd and the OT JOKE of a call. If you watch it again, which im sure many of you have, manny has one leg on the ice when the goal is scored. can anyone find someone that can make a "distinct" kicking motion while they are on one leg? i dont think so. that is literally almost physically imposible. now granted, the goal from one angle does somewhat appear to have a forward motion with his leg. however, if you look at the play from ANY other angle, it is completly apparent that said leg motion is caused by sydor pushing manny. and remember, this play was called a goal by BOTH refs. If the NHL doesnt address their system of officials, this league is going to turn into a joke. NHL officiating is the worst in ALL of professional sports and needs to be addressed. There is a number that pissed off fans can call to formally complain to the league. Me or my cousin (who is an avid follower of CBJ and LTL and also is avidly pissed about last night) will post the number so our voices may be officially heard by the joke of a commisioner gary bettman.

jeffdury said...

LTL and others-

I did actually call the number provided by JAL (212-789-2000) to try to get some information regarding if the league is doing anything about this debacle. I got a secretary and told her I was calling regarding last night's jackets/stars game. She transferred me to a woman named Katie in the Corporate Communications/Community Relations department for the league. I told her my complaint and she asked my name and phone number in order to log the complaint. I gave it to her. She said that all complaints are saved in a database at league HQ. She also asked if I was a season-ticket holder in order to note that on the complaint, so perhaps they log that information as well. She told me that any emails that come in through and/or letters that come in to the address provided by JAL are archived after they are read. Could just be her blowing smoke up my ass, but seemed to be real. Get everybody you know who follows the jackets to call, email, or write! maybe we can avoid this CRAP in the future!