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Friday, December 12, 2008

Quick hits

Just a couple of things for ya today:

If your jonesing for some hockey and can't wait til tomorrow's showdown against the Islanders -- the Ohio State Men's Hockey team is at home tonight facing off against Bentley at 7:05 at the Schott!

Its cheap @ $5 bucks a ticket and its great hockey... tons of hitting.

Think you know your NHL hockey teams? John over at wants you to prove it!

Click here to see how many NHL teams you can name in 3 minutes! Please comment below with your results!

If you haven't seen this yet here is a pic of what the Winter Classic played at Wrigley Field the New Years Day will look like:



LTL said...

First time through I got 27 out of 30. Missed Philly, Phoenix and Dallas.

Two of Hitch's former teams -- doh!


JAL said...

29 guessed, 1 remaining

I kept entering Stars, thinking I missed it and it wasn't accepting it, when in fact I missed the Capitals. Ouch!

A Shot From The Point

Jason Savage said...

I got 27 the first time....left off the Flyers, Coyotes and Bruins. Wow...those should be easy ones too!

JAL said...

Hmm, 2 out of 3 missed Philadelphia and Phoenix. Applying powers of deduction we can conclude that Columbus hockey fans have a pathological fear of all things beginning with "Ph"

A Shot From The Point

Beau said...

Got 29 with my wife's assistance. Missed Penguins of all teams

Anonymous said...

All 30 with 1:34 remaining.
Go me. :)

tom said...

Check this out if you need a laugh at this point in the season. Our boys had some time off this week...enjoy!

LTL said...

Tom that is fantastic. I'm gonna post about it now! Thanks!!