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Monday, December 29, 2008

Online feeds for LA game tonight

I've had a couple of emails asking about online feeds for tonight's game against the Kings. Sorry for not getting to you guys sooner but here is what I've found.

If you don't subscribe to center ice (which will lift the local blackout but it will be the Kings' broadcast) try these links: (cost $5.99) (will list all hockey feeds)

Hope that helps!



Anonymous said...

Also, usually works rather well. I've had to head out that way the past couple of games, as the Jackets games have been oddly blacked out for me on Gamecenter Live.

If they decided to start blacking the Jackets out on me, I'm going to start raising holy hell. It's the only reason I paid for the service, since the cable system here in Toledo won't carry the Jackets. I guess that's what I get for trying to go legit.

Wally said...

LOL... Thanks for the tip. I sat down at 10, flipped on FSN and wondered why there was a show on about the Bungles? My sleepy day ahead curses you...