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Monday, December 15, 2008

Only a matter of time for Norrena

Everyone saw this one coming so the news that Freddy Norrena has been waived isn't a surprise. The questions were when and how Norrena's Blue Jacket career would come to a close?

Trade? Waiver? Back to Europe?

We now have our answer.

I honestly thought they would hang on to him until after the holiday roster freeze so this move tells me two things -- 1. they have seen enough of Mason to know he can handle the load and 2. the Jackets must have a player ready to come off IR so they had to clear out a roster spot.

That player will either be Rusty Klelsa or Derick Dorsett. Heck it could be both with a guy like Clay Wilson getting sent back down.

Clearly though there was no trade market for Norrena as I'm sure Howson exhausted those options... and why would there be given is poor performance this year and last?

I'm sure Norrena will land on his feet and he'll certainly have no regrets. If he doesn't land on another NHL team (which I think is unlikely) he can always look back and say he gave the NHL a shot and turned in one really good season back in '06-'07 when he became the first Jackets goaltender to finish with an above .500 record.

Its kind of interesting now to reflect back on that deal that brought Norrena here. Remember it was Doug MacLean who traded Marc Denis for Freddy Norrena and Freddy Modin. Denis is now an AHL goaltender with the Montreal Canadiens organization and Norrena is more than likely headed back to Sweden. Freddy Modin will likely be the sole remaining player playing in the NHL.

I wish Norrena all the best in his as he continues his hockey career.

Fire away - thoughts on Norrena's career in Columbus?


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