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Sunday, December 28, 2008

60 minute men

First off -- how about that crowd?!! Always great to see that nat packed to the rafters like that.

...and thankfully the Jackets delivered a wonderful performance in front of them.

That was probably the most complete game I've seen this team play from start to finish. They had a lot to motivate them especially that complete dud of a game they tossed against LA on Dec 23rd.

The Flyers, coming off a loss to Chicago the previous night, were a tired bunch and the Jackets who were rested needed to expose them...and expose them they did.

They got secondary scoring from unlikely sources in Hedja, Murray and Malhotra which broke a two game shutout streak. They scored a very timely PP goal towards the end of the first to put them up by a critical pair. The goaltending did its job. They did a pretty good job staying out the box and when they did take a penalty the PK was solid against the NHL's best PP.


* As mentioned the boys put in a solid 60 minute effort.

* Players stepped up in the scoring department and getting that first goal early was absolutely huge and set the tone for the rest of the game.

* Steve Mason continues to shine recording his 3rd shutout of his young career. His stats right now are eye-staggering... He leads the league in GAA with a 1.87.. he's 3rd in save % with a .932 and his overall record is 10-7-1.... where would this team be without this guy? ...and whom else didn't hold their breath after Mason took that stick to the grill? Exhale...

* First ever win over Philly.

* They took hits to make plays... they gave hits to make plays... they worked hard in the corners and basically played the way this team must play to win... the question as always is can they sustain it?

* My 3 favorite players were Murray, Russell and Umberger... Murray worked his ass off all night and how about his work and goal on the PP? Russell was all over the ice.. he is really skating and moving the puck with authority now and of course covering for Backman's mistakes... He logged over 19 minutes and after flubbing a shot stuck with it and made a great play to setup Murray's goal... Umberger had a strong hard working game in all 3 zoens against his former mates and collected a helper..

* Fantastic crowd of over 18,400...!! The energy a crowd like that lends to the team has to be significant. I also want to give a shout out to the CBJ marketing staff for coming up with a great promotion that certainly helped put butts in the seats last night -- keep it up!

* Really I thought every forward had solid efforts.. from Nash down to Picard... everyone came to work with their hard hats for this one. Got to love a guy like Modin's willingness to play through what sounds like a substantial injury.

* PP looked good last night and delivered that very timely goal.

* Loved Manny's goal and he was amazing in the dot winning 88% of his draws. Apparently the NHL Network is doing a special on him so that was a nice game to highlight....good for him.

* Team defense was solid in clearing the net... supporting the goaltender in sweeping out about that save Peca had on Harntell? They did the little things that lead to shutout wins.

* Was very glad to see Voracek back on the ice in the second....exhale.

* Loved Klesla's fight (glad he didn't hurt) but I thought both he and Tyutin struggled as a pair. They had some good plays but also some blown coverages and Tyutin especially struggled to keep pucks in the zone.

* Lots of Flyers fans in the house... was happy to send them home pointless... I'll give them credit for not being obnoxious... at least the ones I was around... put it this way, they certainly weren't like those rediculous Buffalo fans who invaded Columbus during the holiday break a couple years back.

* What happened to our replays?

* Officiating was pretty solid although I thought the Boll diving call was rediculous. He may have dressed it up a bit but that was a solid shot to the grill Cote delivered.

* Backman... I just don't get the scratch of Methot to play this guy. If its to showcase him I hope scouts had blinders on last night..

* Man I cannot stand Harntell... I really wanted Boll to go with him but Hartnell doesn't want anything to do with a guy who actually fights regularly... he likes to take on the Dan Fritsches of the NHL.

* Can anybody 1-time a puck on this team? At this level there just isn't time to settle then shoot...

1. 60 minute effort,
2. Steve Mason standing tall in goal...again.
3. Secondary scoring steps up.
HM: First win over Philly

It was a solid game all the way around. Players stepped up and gave the home fans a much needed win after that mess against LA.

Of course the challenge is to bring that game night in and night out. They aren't going to outskill teams unless Howson adds some pieces so if they want to string a winning streak together it has to come down to mistake free hard working hockey that leans on the stellar play of their young goaltender.

Next up is LA tomorrow night. The Jackets should have no excuses getting up for that one. It also marks the start of a 6 game road trip that to me is the make or break point of this season.



Wally said...

Good game! We were fortunate to score some executive suite tix. Free beer & sat in the area right next to Chimmer, OKT, Methot & MacDonald. It's weird seeing those guys not on the ice.

At this point, I think the CBJ need to develop a "killer" attitude, a brand of hockey that's all their own. Instead, we've been weak and predictable, and playing to whatever type and level of hockey that's brought to us. It's about time we put a few feet to a few necks and put some teams out of their misery. My wife made a comment that Commodore seemed a little more physical since Brass went down. Maybe a few more guys have finally joined the team?

chunx said...

i didnt get to see this one ( go figure i get to see us gettin beat up all the time ) anyway... i was on the road with the band i work for... from everything i read it sounded like a good ol cbj ass whippin... to the flyers great news !

i just really hope that this isnt the occasional game where we play well and grab 2 points and then slip back into sulky beaten up /shutout twice in 2 games mode that weve been in recently...

love the fact we got goals from guys who dont get em alot... love the fact that manny got one... and that rusty showed some passion/fire i dont think we see that from him hardly ever...

when o when will dorsett get the ok to fight again... and when will boll take the next step and become more than a guy who takes punches... i love the guy but i want more out of him a point once in awhile would be nice... im sick of seein the opposition's fighters score on us and get points ...

i really hope they can take this win with them on the plane and keep the ball rolling and string together some wins/points ...

i miss brassard so much...

i hope jake can jump start the point scoring machine that lives inside him... that would help tremendously

DJ Davy B said...

I was there courtesy of some free tix from the Chiller North. We were also there for the LA game too. I appreciated the fact that they came out hard and fast, but man we *should* have won 6-0 with all those whiffs. Yes the boys owed us, but its nowhere near paid in full. The crowd was big, but fairly quiet. Does nobody understand when the stupid organ plays and you clap along that you're supposed to KEEP CLAPPING after he stops. Its supposed to get the crowd going, but the crowd just stops when the puck drops. That drives me nuts. In any case I've been to Giant Eagle half a dozen times and have enough Pepsi for a year, but I've got tons of tickets for games coming up and the seats are decent. I only hope last nights team keeps winning so the games mean something.

Pub said...

I mean, you know im a Methot homer. But how can you start Backman over him? HOW?? Its not Methots fault that Backman is overpaid.

Chimera25 said...

CBJ got lucky and played a very, very tired Philly team. They had flight issues into Chicago and then again into C-Bus.
We did take advantage and got the two points which I am happy about but tonight is the true test. If they don't come out hungry tonight we have problems. These 2 points are very, very important, they should approach like a playoff game. I will be going on low sleep due to the 10:30pm puck drop.

As for Nash, I don't think I trade him. The reason is, much like in football, he is 'double' teamed or shadowed the entire game. Why not, he is our only goal scorer. Who else scares you with the puck if you are an opposing team. Maybe Huselius, Brassard did but he is gone for the season. Modin doesn't, Novotny doesn't, Peca doesn't, Malhotra, besides on draws, doesn't, Voracek has signs but needs to step it up. We don't have any other guy who can take the puck from end to end besides Nash.

I'll take Weight, especially if the price is next to nothing. We need to call up Filatov. How doesn't he fit in our top 6 skaters. Come to think of it who our the Top six (6) currently - Nash, Umberger, Huselius, Modin, Voracek and Malhotra?????
Bring up Filatov and bring in Weight move Malhotra to the third or fourth line, use him for crucial face offs and that is about it. I don't care what you do with Modin or Novotny. Perhaps Syracuse, perhaps they go in the Weight deal.

We'll see what happens they need to make a move to stay in contention, but they also need to start beating teams like the LA Kings, Colorado Avalanche and St. Louis Blues. Oh look, the CBJ have those teams up next. CBJ need to get 8-10 points in the next 7 games. It will be tough but definitely attainable. The CBJ can beat LA, the Avs and Blues.