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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stat of the day and more..

Did you know that Rick Nash was 5th in the league in terms of percentage of his team's goals?

1. Ovechkin 27.3%
2. Kovalchuk 25.6%
3. Iginla 22.5%
4. Boyes 21.2%
5. Nash 20.3%

Also, for those that don't get to HFBoards to often some posters have a must read over there regarding the Q/A from Hitch/Howson last night - follow this link and scroll down to post #28 - lots of good info.



Douglas said...

Welcome back, Stat of the Day! lol

Also, thanks for putting up that link to the HFBoards, that was an awesome read. Every time I read an interview with Howson or listen to Hitch's radio show I get pumped up. They really sound like they are the kind of guys who can build a consistently great team here.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a dick, but you really need to look into the appropriate uses of the words "to" and "too". It can be a little distraction when you use "to" instead of "too" too much.

Anonymous said...

I'll have my editor look in"too" it.


Anonymous said...

I read that thread on HF boards and there are some complete idiots over there, huh? I mean: 'Hitch's system is garbage'...'he is an egomaniac'...he was picked in a poll by players as a coach they would least like to play for'...REALLY? This is the intelligence level of the jackets fan base?

How about that jackass who mentioned the flyers beating the caps as a reason to build through free agency. Did that douchebag even watch any of the flyers/caps games? Plus: Lupul--the guy who scored the game winner was acquired in a trade!

The flyers narrowly escaped blowing a 3-1 series lead and if it weren't for Biron in game 7 they were done. The caps walked all over the flyers 5 on 5 it was only on the pp where the flyers got anything. A bogus 2nd goal allowed the flyers to take the game to OT in the first place.

Anyway--lots of really great comments in that thread--the Hitch-bashing is a joke. The guy is the best thing to happen to the jackets since Mr. Mac. He knows what he is doing--idiot fans who scrounge for free tickets don't have a voice anyway.

Anonymous said...

1st anonymous:

That is all you have to say? What a tool you are.