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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

By the numbers v2.0

So here is where the Jackets stand as of today April 30th, 2008 after the Hedja signing:

Projected budget: 50 mil


Nash (6.5) XXX Modin (3.5)
XXX XXX Zherdev (3.25)
Chimera (1.875) XXX XXX
Murray (600k) Malhotra (1.5) Boll (570k)

extra: Novotny (800k) Brule (850k)


Klesla (1.65) Hejda (2.0)
Russell (575k) Tollefsen (750k)


Norrena (900k)

note: this is actual salary paid out not avg salary cap hit
note: all figures taken from &

Total: 25.32 mil (14 players)

Remaining: 24.68 mil

UFAs: Hainsey, Vyborny, Peca, Tarnstrom, MacKenzie, Konopka
RFAs: Fritsche, Leclaire, Methot, Rome, Wilson, Picard, Lindstrom


Douglas said...

Hey, thanks for keeping the blog up!

Just curious about why Malhotra's on your 4th-line. Obviously he does not belong in the top six, but he was often paired with Chimmer (who is probably 3rd-line) and they did alright together ... also, do you think he is really a good fit for Murray and Boll?

Is Manny on your 4th line b/c you think we are going to get three centers this summer? I would be ecstatic if we even got two centers (providing that they are better than Manny...)

Anonymous said...

I think Brassard will be our 2nd/4th line Center.

This is what I think will happen:

I doubt the jackets get three centers this summer, but I can see them getting two. A top guy (either a trade or a signing like Malone or Langkow) and then a Cory Stillman type.

So, you have your top line of Nash--Newguy--Modin, and then you have your secondary scoring line of Brule--Brassard--Voracek.

Then you have REAL checking line that is mostly yet to be determined. Scott dumps some money at some really competitive shutdown forwards. Guys who, when the game is on the line, can really go out and shut it down (not like our third line this year who could provide energy but not shut down anything).

When that is happening, our kids, Brassard et al, get 4th line minutes.

Then you have our Chimera, Manny, Boll (or some combination of the remaining players).

Give the kids a chance to do their thing in the offensive end and you don't have to play them vs. the other teams 2nd line--our bolstered 3rd line will do that. Play our 2nd/4th line vs. the other teams 4th line.

LTL said...

Hey Douglas,

I actually just listed the guys where I think they *should* play in the NHL. I think on most teams Manny is no better than a 4th line center.

More than likely though a couple of those guys will play higher up in the lineup than they should.

CBJ brass have come out and said they are going to play guys in the lineup next year where they should.

Now of course that is easier said than done.

Depending on what happens this offseason Manny could easily slide back into that 3rd hole with a guy like Novotny on the 4th line.

What I think may happen is the Jackets land a #1 guy ala Marleau for instance. They take a chance and go with Brassard as a #2 guy and then they sign a guy on the cheap like Chris Kelly or Brian Smolinski as a 3rd line guy.

They also dump a lot of money into those top two d-man though at regular strength you could see a puck mover paired with a stay at home guy (i.e. either Klesla or Hejda) but on the PK you'll see Hejda and Klesla together.

They'll also add a winger or two depending if they move Z.

We'll see how it plays out. I'm sure at the end of the offseason they'll probably have to play a guy higher up in the lineup than they'd like (perhaps Brassard for intance) as they have a lot of holes to fill for one offseason.

We'll have to wait to see what Howson can do but its fun to speculate!


Sean said...

When is he going to sign Leclaire? I'm shocked that the Hedja deal went down first. What does it mean?

LTL said...

Its funny you ask that Sean as I just posted an entry predicting Howson's next move and I definitely covered the Leclaire situation within.

Short explanation - I think that contract negotiation could get a little hairy if it hasn't already.