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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm hungry...

..and its crow eating time!

Been wanting to post this for a while but wanted to make sure I waited until I was good and hungry.

Every year I like to take a look back and see how many serving of crow I can eat in one sitting. Lets start out with the obvious:

1. Nik Zherdev

I admit I wanted this guy gone and I really didn't care what we'd get back. I thought it would be addition by subtraction. I thought his career was unsalvagable. I thought he was a diva. I never thought Hitch could get this guy to "buy in". Wrong on all accounts. Although I will say his disappearing act over the last 20 games where he had just 10 points and was a -3 over that span was concerning. Still though it appeared his game rebounded both on and off the ice. Guy still has plenty of room to grow (and he knows what I'm talking about) both on and off the ice.

(I'll also have some that burnt rat while your at it)

2. Offense

I really thought Hitch would be able to milk more out of the group we had. Brule was a colossal disappointment as was Vyborny. Modin's injury zapped a lot of our top 6. Instead of thinking we just didn't have the right system and coaching to maximize our talent I am firmly in the position now that we just don't have the talent to maximize which is why big changes are needed this offseason.

(Hey bud...chew with your mouth shut)

3. Leclaire

I believed in our goaltending talent but still had my doubts about Leclaire being able to be durable through an 82 game season. He somewhat proved me wrong until the last 15 games of the year when he suffered a couple of nagging injuries including a concussion and I believe it was a pulled hammy or groin.

(Pass the salt please... )

4. Kris Russell

I honestly thought he'd have more of an impact than what he did. The good news is that he's got a very valuable year of NHL experience under his belt and he's the kind of player who will only work harder this offseason to improve his game. I was also impressed that he managed to avoid the injury bug for a guy of his stature the majority of the season.

(Excuse me...I like that shaken, not stirred)

5. Derick Brassard

Another guy I thought would contribute more and did not think (but hoped) management could resist playing him on the big team because of his "potential". I was wrong as Howson pulled him up for a stretch, saw he wasn't ready and sent him down to bake a little longer. This is a move that could pay major dividends for the Jackets as early as next season.

( should try ketchup on this crow...its goood!)

6. Howson

I really thought he'd lock down Vyborny when he wanted his deal early in the year but Howson stayed patient which has proved to be a monumental decision. I was also on him to sign Leclaire before he hit his late season rash of injuries... again he has been patient which should result in a lower contract for Pascal as he's still got a lot to prove in the durability department.

(anyone got a toothpick?)

7. Record

I thought we'd finish in that 85-90 point range which was good for 9th or 10th in the conference. Unfortunately the rails completely fell off over the last 10 games as the Jackets managed just 1 win.

(aaahhh.. time for a nap)

Discuss - anything in particular that you are having a serving of crow on from last season?


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