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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jackets offense a no-show again

The bad news, the Jackets fell under .500 for the first time this season in getting shutout (for the 6th this season) against the St. Louis Blues 3-0.

The good news, and an all to familiar statement for the Jackets, Columbus can draft no lower than 6th and with the draft being 7 players deep before a drop to a second tier, there is some consolation. If the Jackets hold on to the pick they'll get a good to great player but even better in my mind, is the trade value that pick holds and the added "currency" (as Howson calls it) it add to the market.

Regardsless of that the loss was another sombering reminder of just how bad the Jackets lack skill, even after all those damn picks of 7 seasons, to score goals. Its just gut wrenching to think that after 7 seasons of picking now lower than 8th all we have to show for it really is Rick Nash, Pascal Leclaire and depending on the season or game, Nik Zherdev.

There is obviously a lot of work to be done this offseason for GM Scott Howson but for now lets look at the game.

Lit it up

Drop the gloves. Jared Boll and Zenon Konopka weren't willing to go out without a fight. Both dropped the gloves twice and even though there were no winners on the Jackets side at least they batteled and did their jobs out there.

Yeah! More draft picks :(

Jacket Backers. They were loud and gamely but of course the Jackets put out that fire rather quickly. Still though, mad props to those who still believe in this franchise and are willing to travel and spend money this last in another non playoff season. If your interested in becoming a member just visit for more details.

Not really a baseball fan but Busch Stadium in St. Louis is a beautiful arena.

Dim the light

Rick Nash had a good game but couldn't finish. He has been snake bitten of late going 6 games without a goal. The chances of him tying his personal best of 41 games is a long shot now, he'd need 3 tonight just to tie it....and with this offense, ain't happenin.

Scotttrade Center. Good location in the middle of town (that Union Station nearby is awesome!). Solid arena but nothing really unique about it. Not to be to much of a home, but it really pales in comparison to the Nat. Of course they've had a lot more meaninful game there and have an impressive list of retired #'s which was cool to see.
I really think Adam Pineault could carve a niche out for himself in this league. That dudes just looks and skates like a hockey player. Of course we need someone to get him the puck for that rocket shot of his. Lets try him on the PP point.

Busted bulbs

What did the Dispatch say? The Jackets had 17 shots that missed the net....good gawd....that's absolutely pathetic really. Season in a microcism.

Leclaire. No big game saving stops last night. He should have had Kariya's at the very least. Leclaire, like the rest of the team apparently, is coasting into home base.

Michael Peca. His last game as a Jacket will be tomorrow night. Can this guy take any more boneheaded penalties late in games?

PK. Like the Jackets it was solid until the All Star Break.

Nik Zherdev. I hate the way this guy has played the last 3 weeks. He could also play his last game tomorrow night as it wouldn't suprise me in the least if he was dealt this offseason. Move him while his value is high if he isn't in your long term plans (he needs signed next offseason).

PP. Non factor..what else is new?

St. Louis sell out. If that was a sell out last night then I'm Peter Pan.

Beer prices. Good lord. You'd think with Anheisure Busch being headquartered out of St. Louis that the prices would be half way decent for game. Not so. Beers were $6 bucks outside the arena in nearby bars.... $8.75 inside..! Message to Jacket fans, we are spoiled rotten by the Rbar! Will no longer take that for granted (not that I really did before).

3 bright lights on the night

1. Boll/Konopka - nice job not mailing it in boys
2. Jacket Backers - doing all they can to support another year of non-playoff hockey in Columbus
3. Draft pick - really I'm reaching here but that is what its come down to

The Jackets and Blues go right back at it tonight. I expect to see the opposite of last night. Now its the Jackets with their last home game in front of their crowd (if anyone still bothers to show up). Then again, these are our Jackets we are talking about where winning the lottery is more likely to happen then scoring a goal.
Lots of potential last games as Jackets for players. Vyborny, Hejda, Peca, Hainsey, Tarnstorm are the obvious ones but there will be players traded as well.
Regardless I'll be back there supporting the fellas later this afternoon.



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Q said...


My brother and I met in St. Louis for the game Saturday. We sat in 119. It was good to see some JacketBackers in ScottTrade. Despite no goals, we had a good time. Hope you did, too.

We did find cheap beer ($8 pitchers of Schafly's) at Union Station, four blocks west of the arena.

Looking forward to an eventful offseason.