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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oh no!

Surely there can't be many more ways the Jackets can find to lose this year...can there? Luckily we only have two more games to go to find out.

After playing such a strong game Pascal Leclaire has a brain fart, turns over the puck to the Wings' best forward, who then proceeds to bank the puck of Leclaire to put the Wings up 3-2 with just 11 seconds remaining.

In reflection, its those kinds of boneheaded plays that have sealed the Jackets fate since the All Star Break. A team like the Wings doesn't make those plays with the game on the line.

...and lets not let Michael Peca off the hook. He's the one who for some reason decided to bat the puck out of the air into the netting which resulted in a late 3rd period penalty and then the proceeding tying goal with 5 minutes left. Peca is a veteran -- got to know better than that.

Ahh well....hopefully the Jackets learn from it and bright side, they are still alive for the Stamkos-stakes.

Lit it up

Aaron Rome. Congrats on your first NHL goal! How expendable is he making Tollefsen at this point? Guy is playing some really solid hockey.

Pascal Leclaire. I'll still put him here even with his game blowing play...why? Because without him playing the way he did there is no game left to blow there with 11 seconds remaining. This guy has got to work on his stick handling though this offseason -- its the biggest hole in his game by a mile. If this game had playoff implications....yikes... I don't even want to think about it.

Even though they didn't get on the score sheet I really like the jump that Andrew Murray, Derek MacKenzie and Clay Wilson had tonight. Andrew Murray is the exact kind of guy we need more of to round out our bottom six - that guy never gives up on a play and his motor never stops.

As mentioned...the Jackets still are alive in the Stamkos hunt....better yet they look more and more likely to finish in the top 7 draft positions where its said this draft has 7 elite talents which drives the value of that pick straight up.

Dim the light

Ron Hainsey. Played over 27 minutes and had a goal. For some reason though I just don't like this guy. All his points have come on the PP and he only seems to get it through when noone is in front of him. He had a couple of brain cramps (what was he thinkin when Clearly blew by him)?

Nasher. Created some good chances but was snake bit. Did collect an assist and led all forwards in ice time.

Hey the PP got a goal.

I thought Pineault looked like he had some nice potential out there. Definitely has an NHL build and he did get to fire off one of those rocket slappers he has...which stung old man river (i.e Hasek)

Busted bulbs

3rd period collapse. Blew a prim opportunity to win the season series against those hated Wings. Just another example of points pissed away this season.

I thought Zherdev was horrible. He did collect an assist but he just coasted most of the night out there. More and more I think Howson has to explore trading this guy....I don't see his value getting much higher. The problem though is that you have to get a top 6 talent back.

So much for scoring first and winning... uggh.

Refs were something tonight on both sides.. lots of phantom calls.

Wasn't impressed with Konopka at all tonight. Just too slow out there to make a difference.

3 bright lights on the night

1. Aaron Rome - congrats on a solid game (over 23 mins of ice time!) and your first NHL goal - well deserved!!
2. Crunch time - Murray/MacKenzie/Wilson/Rome -- all played great games
3. Pineault debut - NHL debut and although a little hesitant out there you can see he's got the size and skill to play in this league

The Jackets are now a .500 team for the first time this year (I believe). With 2 games remaining against St. Louis can the Jackets finish above .500? Something I never really thought of til tonight.....I gotta think they will split the two games against the Blues so its looking like a .500 season on the button but if there is a way to lose both, the Jackets will probably find it.

I'm off to St. Louis at 8 a.m. EST tomorrow morning. Next blog will be from there. Some of us never learn right!?!


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