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Monday, April 14, 2008

Blue biscuits

Just saw over on Puck-rakers that Stephan Legein is now on his way to Syracuse after his team, the Niagra Ice Dogs, were knocked out of the OHL playoffs.

Legein's sandpaper game should add to what is already a Syracuse lineup filled with in your face type players (Konopka, Mirasty, Sestito, Doresett). Its also a good opportunity for him and the Jackets to get a jump start on his development and pro career so he can see what parts of his game he really needs to work on in the offseason.

For those of you who are knee deep in draft research (like me) you have got to follow this Russain kid Nikita Filatov -- he is a blogging about his experiences in the U18s and his thoughts leading up to the 2008 NHL draft - below is his latest entry dated 04/13 and the translation is courtesy of a poster on HFBoards:

Happy that the World Championships finally started. In the first game we played the Slovaks and won – 6:4. Small margin? Believe me we could have scored many more. This isn’t bad either. Main thing is that we started the tournament with a win. There was no goal to destroy.

I have two points. I am already being asked whether I am upset that did not score. No, absolutely did not get upset, because we won. Individual statistics for me are the far from taking center stage. Overall, there were chances to score, could have played better.

Slovaks, which is interesting, even led. Funny goal. We were on a power play, but lost the puck and got a two-on-on. But our focus for the game was so great that we didn’t even notice the goal. (They did not pay attention to being scored on)

There are four favorites at these World Championships. Three obvious ones – Russia, Canada and USA. And one latent – Sweden. I think, that that team can shoot up (Get hot at the right time). I have two friends playing on the US team and one more for team Canada. About the next opponent I only know that Germans were defeated by the Canadians 9:2.

I like the atmosphere surrounding hockey in Kazan. Happy that the spectators are being fired up before the start of the game, and they were very active; not like in the theater. (Quiet, unemotional - for example Just like Toronto fans . Reacted at the chances, supported. Overall, liked the game. I did not see other teams. When we arrived at the rink, got to see a little bit of Canada - Germany.

Following the play-offs in the NHL. Always watching game reports with the guys. Surprised that Anaheim is losing. And especially in that way. But Ducks are not my favorite team. I like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Washington. Have no emotions about the confident play of the Penguins. First round they must win. But what lies after that… If they have to play a better team, then they might have a tough time. Offense is great, no one can argue. But they do have problems on defense.

I know that the Draft Lottery took place. First two selecting will be LA and Tampa. Therefore, I can be selected by these two teams if I am chosen in accordance with my current rating.

To tell you the truth, I really don’t care who chooses me. It is always warm in Florida, no snow, but I will not miss winter. I, myself, like summer. But it would be fun to live in LA of course. There are definitely things to see there. And to boot, Alexander Frolov is on that team. More fun with Russians, but having or not having my fellow countrymen on the team does not make a difference for me.

As of right now it is pointless to talk about my future team. Everything can change. Cherepanov was supposed to be selected with the first couple of picks, but he was taken 17th. Lyoha (Slang for Alexei, shortened) was upset, by the way. I am getting ready that I might not be chosen second. Of course it will be pleasant to be chosen high, but again, it’s not critical.

Either way, I going overseas.

Blog found here.

The consensus top 6 picks appear to be Stamkos, Doughty, Filatov, Bogosian, Pietrangelo and Schenn. Before I really knew about this kid I would say no way in hell we take a Russian in this draft. Not after our experience with Zherdev. Not when there are lots of other good players in North America to chose from. Not when we are trying to become a tough north/south style of team.
However the more and more I read about him the more I'm starting to change my mind:

1. This kid is said to be on par offensively with Stamkos. Redline said if you would have strapped Stamkos' jersey on Filatov in the WJCs would you have been able to tell who was better - they said no.

2. This kid wants to come over next year which if true (teams would have to do their due dilgence in this area) would negate the lack of a transfer agreement with Russia.

So if he does slip to #6, which is also lookin more and more doubtfull, and the Jackets keep this pick, which I think is more nad more likely, I don't think the Jackets have much of a choice but to grab this kid. He's a very dynamic offensive player who already has 6p through 2 games in that U18 tourny.. His personality and drive screams more Ovechkin to me than Zherdev. Of course he's not at Ovechkin's talent level (who is?) - I've seen his game compared to Datsyuk.

Of course Columbus is neither hot like Florida or fun to live in like L.A. Still though this kid strikes me as not really caring where he plays as long as he gets to the NHL.

...and oh btw, Scott Howson is in Russia right now watching this tournament.



Shaggy said...

Maybe a trade up is in the works?

Anonymous said...

If the CBJ do draft him perhaps he could rub off on Z. Hopefully not the other way.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get that link to run. It says: couldn't find

Anyone else having that issue. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Here is the full link:

I tried it again and worked for me.

Good luck.