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Monday, August 18, 2008

Stat of the day

A friend of mine just pointed out this stat.

Did you know that last year the Jackets were 12th overall in the league in shootout shooting percentage?

Did you also know that last year the Jackets were dead last in is goals against in the shootout?

Something tells me that Marlachuk better focus in on some shootout training this offseason. A really good suggestion my friend made -- start with a video of all the shootout goals scored and stopped and expose weaknesses/strengths and go from there.

Its vitally important for the Jackets to improve upon that stat as a point here or there could mean the difference between the playoffs or the greens in April in what I expect to be a very tight Western Conference battle.

Modin at center? I grabbed this quote off of HFBoards from a Swedish poster who saw these quotes in a Sweden newspaper. They are from Fredrik Modin and talks about him being asked to play center plus more:

"The talk in the dressingroom is a bit different. It's most about video games and pokemoncards. Well, I guess the guys in my team has grown up from the pokemoncards, he laughs.

He mentions that he's happy with the additions made this offseason and he's really looking forward to the season.

"We have added some more routine to the team. Earlier we've had a lot of young guys with a lot of talent, but maybe they've been a little to many. This year we're gonna have a little better mix. What we misses is a center."

"The winger has played a little bit of center during his years in Columbus and he's been asked to play Center this upcoming season, but he told them no."

"I'm really not a center, If where gonna fight for a playoff spot this season we really have to have a real first line center."

"And fight, thats something Fredrik is totally set to. Stronger than ever he's ready to lead his Columbus to a historic first playoff."

From what I was told he was asked to play center last season not this coming one.

I would also like to have a #1 guy but the fact of the matter is there are only a 10 to 12 true #1 guys out there and unfortunately we weren't able to obtain one. Still this is by far the best Jackets team to date and while not flashy up the middle there are some capable guys. The key though is how young Brassard performs after a year of development in the AHL and what a guy like Umberger can bring to the lineup.



Anonymous said...

"I'm really not a center, If where gonna fight for a playoff spot this season we really have to have a real first line center."

I kind of read this as he is saying that he isn't that center and that doesn't want to pretend to be one. I don't really think he is saying that we don't have what we need. Like ltl said, we don't necessarily have a legit one, but we are better off than we were.

Erik said...

The dispatch blog has a really interesting article about Filatov... it looks like he will be here on time and ready to go... Let's hope he keeps up with his natural training regiment... The dispatch is even saying two full weeks before camp starts, that should give him plenty of time to settle in and get ready to make a bid for a roster slot.. You guys probably know I have a lot of hope for Filatov making the roster.. I just have a gut feeling we will see Filatov, Brassard and Voracek year round... Let's go Jackets..

Erik said...

wow this has been one slow CBJ news day...