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Friday, August 22, 2008

Jackets fantasy predictions

Well I gave you my predictions a while back but ESPN has just released their fantasty predictions and its a definitely worth a read.

Here is what they had to say about a few prominant Jackets:

Rick Nash,
2008 Statistics 38 31 2 10 95 329 20:29
2009 Projections 34 30 1 10 83 278 20:55
2009 Outlook: His skill evident by just watching one highlight from last season (“the goal”), the question with Nash will be whether the team is finally getting the right puzzle pieces to put next to him. With David Vyborny, Sergei Fedorov and Nikolai Zherdev all gone, Kristian Huselius, R.J. Umberger and one of three possible rookies will try to find chemistry with Nash. The uncertainty of his new cohorts aside, what makes Nash a top fantasy player now is that the days of being minus-35 in Columbus are gone. Nash will shoot the puck like a madman and score a lot of the time regardless of who plays next to him, and the intriguing possibility of his finding chemistry with a new linemate gives him upside to boot.

Kristian Huselius,
2008 Statistics 25 41 10 6 40 202 18:42
2009 Projections 25 37 -1 8 37 178 17:12
2009 Outlook: Huselius was pretty darn impressive the last two seasons as Jarome Iginla's partner in crime, but what of the switch to Columbus? Well, the first problem is that Huselius and Rick Nash are both natural left wingers. Chemistry with Nash and Iginla is also a very different story. Both play physical, but Iginla can adapt his game to suit those around him, whereas Nash is a one-man show who just needs a couple spotters. Huselius could fare well as a Blue Jacket, but were not comfortable with putting him as a lock for 60 points.

Nikita Filatov
2008 Statistics -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2009 Projections 21 24 -6 7 64 241 14:00
2009 Outlook: We have Filatov projected for 21 goals and 24 assists but, frankly, he has the skill to double that. By next season he should be a fantasy staple, but for this year he should be approached with nothing more than a hopeful eye. Filatov, if he even makes the team out of camp, will have to jostle with fellow rookies Derick Brassard and Jakub Voracek for significant minutes and it could be well after midseason before any of them find consistency. In fact, Brassard and Voracek would have better fantasy value this season if Filatov is sent to the junior ranks or the AHL to hone his game.

R.J. Umberger,
2008 Statistics 13 37 0 4 19 173 18:52
2009 Projections 20 33 -7 5 24 214 16:18
2009 Outlook: If nothing else, Umberger showed us last season that he has something against the Montreal Canadiens. Actually, his eight goals in their five-game playoff series showed us and the Blue Jackets a little more than that. Columbus traded for him to be an option as their No. 1 center. That means a chance to play with Rick Nash. That means he needs to be drafted in most formats as a No. 4 fantasy center.

Kris Russell,
2008 Statistics 2 8 -12 1 14 90 15:47
2009 Projections 9 34 -7 6 35 175 15:47
2009 Outlook: You are taking a risk with Russell, but the prolific WHL scorer has the opportunity and talent to put together a season worthy of a No. 2 defenseman, even though you draft him as a bench pick. His rookie season was quite ho-hum, as he posted just 10 points in 67 games, but in his last season with Medicine Hat, Russell logged 32 goals and 69 points. He was the CHL’s player of the year in 2007 and the WHL’s defenseman of the year in 2006 and 2007. The sleeper potential with Russell as power-play quarterback for the Blue Jackets, is enormous.

Its really interesting to me to read from folks who follow the team from a distance the confidence they have in Filatov. I know everyone likes the newest toy but Voracek and Brassard seem to be after thoughts to some of these folks. Perhaps Filatov is that good?

Other than that though a very good read and I love writers whom actually justify why they have chosen what they have even though I may not agree with all of it.

For more breakdowns on Leclaire, Mason, Peca, Voracek, Brassard & Modin follow this link.



Erik said...


First off there is a poster who's using my posting name.. anyways..

Why are you so surprised at the hockey writers love for Filatov??

Here's a guy who according to scouts is almost/equal/or better then Stamkos.. With his biggest downfall being Russian, and the KHL issues..

So at this point in time we have to assume he's in Stamkos ballpark when it comes to talent.. Tampa Bay is building a team around Stamkos.. this kid will be playing all season.. They automatically assume Filatov can do the same.. I am not convinced yet but I sure hope so...

And also, we deserve a break as CBJ fans.. I hope Filatov makes Zherdev look like a rookie..

LTL said...

Good points. I guess my surprise is that they overlook both Brassard and Voracek for the newest kid on the block and think he will out perform those two.

To be honest it doesn't really matter who it is as we need at least one of those three to make a signficant impact. Two would be huge.

However if I was a betting man and had to project fantasy points I'd put my money on the guys who are older, have had longer to develop, have played in North America and have at least played against NHLers (be it only preseason in Voracek's case).

Like you say, it sure would be nice to hit a home run with Filatov!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Filatov's hype is that good. He has posted a new blog on He is playing in exhibition games with his old team and has 9 points in 3 games. (5G, 4A).

LTL said...

Wow.. that is impressive.

This may be a stupid question but I wonder how management feel about him playing in exibition games now that he's under contract with the Jackets?

Yep..just stirring the pot :)


Erik said...

That is impressive... you have to look at it this way.. Filatov is darn close to Stamkos, right..

So what would be the expectations if we would have drafted Stamkos instead of Filatov.. you betcha he would be a 1/2 center... However, personally I always hope for that result but I am also cautiously optimistic.. because these players are young.. but pure talent is pure talent..