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Friday, August 29, 2008

"No" on Meszaros

Craig Custance of has a confirmed "no" from the Jackets on signing Andrej Meszaros to an offer sheet.

Like James Mirtle, I started with a few teams that I thought had the cap room and might be interested in adding a young defensemen. And then struck out. I've got a confirmed "no" on a signed offer sheet from the GM's of three teams I thought might be possibilities: Atlanta, Phoenix and Columbus.

No suprise there.

He's also questioning if there is even an offer sheet made:

Here's the other thing to consider - when the St. Louis and Vancouver offer sheets were made, that became public knowledge with releases from the PR staffs. Bryan Murray is denying that there is an offer sheet. That's interesting to me. I'm not saying there isn't one, because I was told that an offer sheet was a serious possibility in this case but why would Murray deny it if it's done?

As I stated in the comments of another post why would this be top secret? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

EJ Hradek takes a look at the "Best Ever" from the Central division. Here's the Jackets:

Best forward: Rick Nash. He's the only legit All-Star in the club's short history. Someday, he'll have a playmaking center to get him the puck.

Best defenseman: Rostislav Klesla. He gets it by default. In his defense, he was prematurely rushed to the NHL.

Best goaltender: Pascal Leclaire. Sorry, I just couldn't bring myself to pick either Marc Denis or Ron Tugnutt. I'll take Leclaire based on what I saw last year. He does need a better haircut, though

Nothing shocking there. I pretty much agree with all of those picks although in Columbus' case there isn't a whole lot to choose from....yet.

There were some reports that both McCain and Palin were presented with Jackets jerseys at today's events at the Nutter Center which is located my at alma mater (yes I'm a Wright State Alum) -- hey its not that often that we Raiders find something to brag about!

Anyhow those were actually Dayton Bomber jerseys that were presented and here were some comments from Bombers owner Costa Papista:

“The idea of possibly having a hockey mom in the White House just blows my mind.”

More comments from the story:

"Because it was such a secret, we didn't have time to customize one," said Papista, who played in the OHL and has owned the team for five years. "But she was really excited to get the jersey. I'm passionate about the sport and I imagine (NHL Commissioner) Gary Bettman has got to be pleased today."

Republican, Demorcat, Republicrat, whatever --- having a little hockey flavor in this year's race is pretty cool!!

Update: According to TSN (and a poster here) the Ottawa Senators have dealt Andrej Meszaros to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Alex Picard, Filip Kuba and San Jose's 1st round pick. Whew that seems like a quite a haul for Ottawa but you know what they say in that the team that gets the best player usually wins these deals and Meszaros is the best player here.

I'm still not sure what Tampa's defense is going to consist of. They have Paul Ranger, Shane O'Brien, Andrej Meszaros and Carle. Some good offensive guys but how good is that group defensively?

Bottom line Tampa is going to have win a lot of game 6-5, 5-4, etc....



Anonymous said...

The longer it remains a 'secret' the more I think it isn't true.

The people I have spoken in the league haven't heard anything more than the public. You would think that would create a bit more of a buzz within the hockey world if it were true.

Anonymous said...

Well, my hunch was correct. It wasn't an offer sheet after all. He got traded to the bolts for Picard, Kuba and a first. That is a heck of a deal for Ottawa. Picard is a good young player and a first. Kuba is just okay, but he is a reasonable NHL player.

The bolts continue to shake it will be interesting to see what they end up being like.

Scott S said...

I just don't understand Tampa's strategy here. Meszaros is the only really good player on that defense. They're shaping up to be fantastic Offensive team but if they can't get the puck back once the other team has it whats the point? Don't underestimate the lack of a real veteran presence either. Tampa's D is really inexperienced at this point. At least Tampa seems to understand you can't go completely over the cap trading a 6 mil player for supposedly a 5 mil one, but giving up a young prospect as good as Picard AND 1st round pick as well is idiotic. Ottawa just got a hell of a deal, for now and the future.

On the other hand unless both the Blue Jackets and Ottawa/Tampa make the Stanley Cup final this year, this trade doesn't affect us that much.

Anonymous said...

Wright State Alum also!

colin said...

looks like we have signed mayorov to a contract. not to sure when this happened or if you had already mentioned it but i just saw it on

dru said...

Tampa gives up Picard, Kuba, and a 1st round pick for Meszaros? What an absolute fleecing by the Sens. This has to be one of the worst trades, if not the worst trade of the offseason. Tampa Bay is completely out of touch with reality.