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Monday, August 4, 2008

By the numbers, pre-camp edition

Now that Leclaire is inked I wanted to make a quick post to take the latest look at the Jackets roster w/ payroll.

This is my best guess as to what the lineup will look like on opening night assuming everyone's healthy (which is a BIG assumption):

Nash (6.5) Umberger (3.0) Huselius (4.75)
Modin (3.5) Brassard (.850) Torres (2.4)
Chimera (1.875) Peca (1.315) Boll (.570)
Murray (.600) York (.750) Voracek (.850)
Extra: Malhotra (1.5)

Commodore (4.3) Hejda (2.0)
Tyutin (2.25) Klesla (1.65)
Russell (.575) Backman (3.4)
Extra: Tollefsen (.750)

Leclaire (3.0)
Norrena (.900)

Total Payroll: 47.285

* Brassard proves worthy of a top 6 spot
* York beats out both Manny and Novonty in camp to earn an opening day roster spot
* Novotny is traded or placed on waivers as there just isn't room for him on this roster unless a big rash of injuries strike
* Manny is the extra forward in a healthy lineup but chances are injuries strike and he sees plenty of regular time
* Hitch likes the look of Boll with Peca and Chimera. Plays it safe to start with Voracek on the 4th line. Although with that lineup expect 4 lines to be rolled regularly
* Dorsett just misses making the squad right out of camp but if a bottom 6 forward is needed he'll get the first callup
* I could see the organization carrying an additional defensemen -- either Rome or Methot -- as they don't want to expose them to the waiver wire

I'll tell ya what though I think Howson and Hitch are going to have some tough decisions to make. I mean what if Filatov steps in and just light it up? Or what if Matvichuk, Clitsome or Holden outplay some guys? You know there will be a "Boll" like suprise in camp. Quality depth is always a good problem to have I guess.

Discuss -
what is your projected opening day lineup at this point? (..and yes I know its early!)



Anonymous said...

If Filitov plays in jr. I think he will have the most impact, by far. I really think Brassard is getting a lot of attention since he is slotted in that 2-hole, but I think Voracek will be more physically ready, therefore will come out and be a standout.

I think your lineup looks pretty good. I am hoping that York regains his form and potentially shows that he can be slotted in that 2-hole from time to time.

I agree about Novotny and Manny that they will be extra guys. I don't think they will bother to waive Novotny though. He doesn't make that much money and they would rather have an extra NHL body hanging around come injuries and playoff time. Camp is going to be amazingly competitive, I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

A little off topic, but I was looking at RJ's stats, and I don't really think people realize that he was 28th in the league in assists (for centers acc'd to NHL stats machine) and ahead of: Marleau, Modano, Langkow, Macdonald, Gagner, Drury, Lang, Tkchuk, Towes.

I'm impressed.

pete goegan said...

I'm willing to be convinced that Boll will play third line and Jake will play fourth, but I think they will be reversed. And the bottom pairing of Russel and Backman is really scary! I'd prefer to see a more responsible partner with both of them. If that means that one of them plays higher than he should and one of our better d-men plays lower, I'm more comfortable with that than I am with that very weak defensive paring. I'm soooo ready to see these guys on ice!

SoupDog said...

Since Hitch sees his third line as checkers (stop the other team's number 1 line) I think Jake will either be on the second line or the fourth - too much rookie risk with him expected to shut down a top scoring line.

LTL said...

Good point about the checking line roll Soupdog.

Also good point by Pete on d-pairings. Looking that over I don't get a big warm and fuzzy either about Backman and Russell together. What do think - something like:

Commodore Hejda
Tyutin Backman
Klesla Russell


Viqsi said...

I think I'd prefer defense to look like this:

Tyutin Hejda
Backman Klesla
Commodore Russell

Erik said...


I think everyone agrees on the top 2 offensive lines... I like your 3rd line of Chims/Pecs/Boll (checking/checking/checking)... the fourth line I would say Murray/Filatov... York.... Malholtra/Voracek... Basically Murray, Filatov, Voracek, Malhotra and York are fighting for the 4th line.. Personally I would go for Filatov/York/Voracek.... Youthful wingers with a defensifly sensible center... what do you think ?? (Novotny/malhotra is out of the picture)

Regarding defense, I would pair a Defensive Defenseman with an offensive Defenseman..
Comm (DD), Tyutin (OD)
Hedja (DD), Backman (OD)
Klesla (DD), Russel (OD)

Tollefson extra..

Of course the OD are not really the most offensively minded defensemen but on our roster they are... you could argue for Klesla's Offensive abilities...

Anonymous said...

Commodore is going to play vs. the other teams best players likely with Hejda.


I wouldn't mind these pairings at all.

Erik said...

Comm and Hedja will be on separate lines, because they are the 2 best stay-at-home D-men in our system..

Actually that would make 1 excellent first pairing...

Damn this is too much... we have defensive depth I can't handle it... I can see multiple lines that would work... I can't understand... Depth is too much too handle..

LTL said...

Erik - haha, your killing me. I know what you mean though -- we CBJ fans aren't used to such workds as "depth".

Its going to be a battle for that 4th line in camp -- will be fun to see how it shakes out.

..and the good news -- we've broken into the 30s in terms of training camp countdown.


Matt said...

I think we just found the hole in the lineup for Dorsett.

LTL said...

Looks like Boll will be keeping his gloves on come camp. Hopefully he gives his hand plenty of time to heal and its not one of those nagging season long injuries.

Looks like Dorsett and Sestito will have to knock some heads in camp in Boll's stead.

I bet he'll be ready to go (in terms of fighting) come the season opener. Somebody is going to have to tape those gloves on through camp though.

I don't get the warm and fuzzy regarding the Torres injury update. I do hope they are very cautious with him and don't allow him to rush back to the ice.


Sean said...

This much depth is always a problem and camp is going to be very competitive. These are all good things for the organization. I just don't see Filatov making the job, not out of camp at least. I don't know much about the York/Malhotra debate. (Un?)Fortunately, Manny is the only BlueJacket I've ever met personally because he stops in at my restaurant from time to time during the regular season. I just have a soft spot for the guy, and he stepped it up against the RedWings this past year for my Dad's birthday present! Hopefully everyone on the team is looking around and reading the writing on the wall: step up or go home and this is the kick in the pants we've needed for a long time.

Does this mean that Torres and Boll are back in Columbus for the rest of the summer?

I can't wait!

Matt said...

Sean - Yeah, I'm pretty sure they are. Since Umberger mentioned buying a house in the area last week, I'd bet that he is too, or at least in the process of finalizing his move.

Anonymous said...

There are about 10 guys now training with Barry. Whenever school starts in Columbus you can bet the guys with kids will be around about a week before then.