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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Be back Sunday

Hi all. I'll be unplugged for the next couple of days but will be back at it on Sunday. Feel free to use this as an "open post" to discuss any new hockey news that may pop up over the next couple of days.

Of course at the rate we've been going this past week I'm not expecting a whole lot.



Anonymous said...

Check out Mark Hartigan's blog while in the KHL:

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much Mark is getting paid by the KHL (or his team or both) to write that blog. Let's face it, Hartigan didn't decide to uproot his family and move to Latvia for the adventure of it all. He couldn't get a decent NHL contract here so he went for money.

The KHL desperately needs positive publicity and they can also market '2-time cup winner Mark Hartigan' within their league. The KHL pays him a couple hundred thousand extra (which is peanuts to them) to write a few paragraphs about how great his new city and team is, and he gets a bag full of cash.

'...the nicest place I have ever stayed in...' ??? C'mon, NHL teams rarely stay in less than 5-star hotels (unless they are in Buffalo and don't have any options but that smelly old Adam's Mark ;)) I can't imagine the wings had their players stay in places that weren't comparable to where he is now.

It is all sounding a bit too glorious over there. Of course when you are looking at the world through stacks and stacks of money generated by writing a few paragraphs on a website, things probably do seem pretty bright!

Erik said...


Sure Hartigan is not going to rip on his new team/location.. However as a western European I can understand his comments... You expect the worst when you hear the word Latvia, but actually it is a lot nicer then you think.. I was personally surprised at how they rebounced in those regions after the USSR fell apart.. of course the tourist areas are a lot nicer then the regular areas.. but still..

Anonymous said...

erik: I have actually heard that where he is IS very nice in august. It is when the winter hits that things turn ugly. Still, that is beside the point. Can you think of a reason that he would involuntarily write this blog? I am convinced it is money driven and in this case, both sides win--he gets extra cash and the team/league gets some positive publicity.