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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The ice cometh!

I didn't want this to get lost in the other post from today so its gets its own!

Anyhow the Dispatch has a time lapse video of the folks over at Nationwide preparing/painting the ice -- be sure to check it out here!

There is also a nice pic of the JHM logo getting painted on in today's Dispatch.

I can just about smell the hockey season approaching!




Anonymous said...

That is so cool watching that ice get put in! Apparently they have to crank the temperature in the building to about 45* F so that the ice will 'take' to the concrete floor. The coaches will really be doing some bonding as they huddle close together for their meetings!

mike said...

Anonymous, I was in the arena yesterday with a group of ppl as we all got a tour of where everything is in the arena. Believe me, it was definitely cold in the arena! And actually seeing the JHM logo on the ice so soon, was definitely pretty awesome!

Matt said...

Anyone have a good picture of the JHM logos on the ice? I heard it was in the dispatch but I only get Sunday delivery during the summer.

pete goegan said...

The video has been posted to Paul Lukas' Uni Watch site, so it will get additional attention.

DRU said...

This is one of my favorite things to watch every year.
It's says it's time to get down to business.

Rick said...

Once again, props to LTL for yet another mention in PuckDaddy on yahoo

Watching the Columbus arena crew create an ice rink is hypnotic
By Greg Wyshynski

Color us stupid, but did you know arena ice crews use yarn to help create the red and blue lines under the ice?

That tidbit and more can be discovered in this rather awesome video from the Columbus Dispatch (via Light the Lamp) that features the Nationwide Arena crew creating the Columbus Blue Jackets' rink via time-lapse photography. Uni Watch also provides this direct link to the video (.wmv), so you can watch it in a slightly larger format on your own media player.

By far one of the coolest behind-the-scenes videos we've seen in a while. It's amazing how much manpower and effort it takes just to put on a professional hockey game. But thinking about that just makes us think about how so many of these hard-working people were tossed to the curb while greedy S.O.B.'s canceled a season we didn't need to lose. Which makes us want to smash something.