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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Zherdev bolting?

I just received this little tidbit from Kevin via email:

According to unconfirmed information, the club forward NHL New York Rangers' Nikolai Zherdev soon could move to one of the top clubs of Continental hockey league.

As we know, this summer Zherdev become a free agent and therefore there are no contractual obstacles to his return.

In the regular NHL season 2008/09 Nikolai Zherdev shared with Scott Gómez title of best scorer of the club, type 58 (23 +35) points.

There is also another report which reference this story from the NY media here.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this go down. Just glad he's a Rangers problem now.



Patrick said...

I think most CBJ fans recognized that this was a real possibility last summer, and that's why the Tyutin trade was an even bigger win for the home team. We've got a top-4 defenseman locked up for another year and the Rangers more than likely will end up with nothing. Because they now know how soft Z is, so they are unlikely to sign him to a new contract, even if he did want to stay here.

Bottom line, CBJ wins that trade.

Anonymous said...

Well, that didn't take long. Did anybody have "before the end of the playoffs" in the pool?

LTL said...

Hey Patrick.. we actually have Tyutin locked up for 3 more years at 2 mil per. I sweet contract even though had to swallow Backman for a year to make it happen.


scioto slim said...

heh i knew this would happen, later z if only you cared you could be awesome.

eplagge said...

Yep, we received a heck of a D-man in Tyutin for that deal.... Although Z played pretty good for the NYR.. And I believe he really likes it there... my prediction: He's going to get his toe in the marketplace.. including Russia.... and He will have to end up making a choice between the money in Russia and the spotlight in NY... I have a gut feeling he's going to cash in... just because the NYR can't even come close to match Russia's numbers...