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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random thoughts

Was good to see Howson gets some much earned recognition as according to Puck-rakers he finished 3rd in voting for General Manager of the year by a poll conducted by The Sporting News.

Peter Chiarelli of the Bruins took 1st while the Wings' Ken Holland took second.

Chiarelli I understand but Holland? He's built up a great organization over the years but what exactly did he do this year other than cut a check to Marion Hossa who essentially whored himself out for a chance at a cup?

Regardless it's hard to not to sit back and appreciate the job Howson has done over the past two years in completely rebuilding the Jackets roster and turning them into a competitive playoff team. The thing I admire most about the job Howson has done is that he let's the people he's hired do their jobs. He let's the managers manage, the coaches coach, the scouts scout, the prospects develop and the players play. He doesn't crave the spotlight and let's his actions do most of the talking.

A GM's job is never finished and although he's turned this pig into a horse..... to become a legitimate cup contender he'll need a stallion. He'll certainly continue to work towards that goal this summer.

Apparently it's a new day. We also learned today from Puck-rakers that Jim Day will not be back as FSN Ohio television host next year.

Personally if there was one guy I would have kept out of the lot it would be Jim Day. Quite frankly I just like the guy. Sure he's a little goofy but I always felt like he was one of the fans riding right along with us on the emotional roller coaster each and every game a Jackets season brings. I really believe he grew to love this team as much as we do.

I'm not sure who is making these decisions but I certainly hope there is solid rational behind this move. Perhaps maybe it was Jim Day who decided to move along in career. Over the past couple of years there have been great moves made on the ice but I've got to tell ya, I'm scratching my head over the decisions (and indecision) regarding the moves made on the TV side of the Jackets house this offseason.

The absolute worst part about this news. No more "Thank you Jim Day" from Rusty Klesla.

You'll be missed Jim Day and good luck in your future endeavors.

Edit: I just read this piece this morning again from Puck-rakers. It discusses the constant meddling in broadcaster affairs by the CBJ upper brass.

So let me get this straight -- Jim Day was blasted because he used the word "disappointing" after a Jackets loss? Are you *bleeping* kidding me? What is this the TV police? These guys are professionals and they know what this line is and not to cross it.

It's seems to me the wrong folks are losing their jobs here -- somebody (i.e. the OWNERS!) should be taking a hard look at the job guys like Mike Priest, Larry Hoepfner and Todd Sharrock are doing.

What a joke. Are we sure Doug MacLean still isn't running some things around here?

Speaking of moves this offseason. I was talking this over with a buddy and we were contemplating how Columbus now looks as a free agent destination with a playoff birth under the belts?

They did an okay job last season in netting Commodore and Huselius... granted they overpaid for both... but that always happens in free agency.

By most accounts players enjoy the city and with the young emerging talent coupled with veterans at or approaching their primes one would think Columbus would be a much more attractive place to play.

Well that was the conclusion we came to anyways.

We certainly aren't going after any big fish come July 1st but perhaps the bait we do throw into the pond will now look a little more juicer to the fish we do go after.

This week's hockey news ranked the 50 most sought after free agents. Only one Jacket made the list and that was Jason Williams at 25. Keep in mind as well that this list included unrestricted and restricted free agents to-be.

Also Kristian Huselius was ranked as the 5th best UFA forward signed last year based off points per game.

Blackhawks down 0-2 in their series to those damn Wings. I watch those games and I still cannot believe how easily Detroit gains the zone on their powerplays. It all starts from the backend. It just reinforces my opinion that Howson has got to upgrade our blueline to strengthen our PP. We should see improvement from skill guys like Brass, Jake, Russ and Filatov but we need someone who can consistently launch bombs from the point and quickly move the puck.

If we want success in the playoffs we must be a threat with the man advantage.

I'll be out of town the next four days on a mini-vaca. Come Monday I'll be back posting per normal. Have a nice holiday weekend everyone!

Fire-away - how do you feel about the departure of Jim Day?



Pub said...

Day was not my favorite but this meddling with broadcasters is just crazy. I thought we got rid of Doug MacLean. Maybe its his old cronies still making those calls? I just dont see Howsen being that picky. Maybe I am wrong. Either way...this crap needs to stop or we are going to end up with retired WWE announcers doing our hockey games because nobody else will come.

BZArcher said...

This behavior around the broadcasting is really concerning. It's one more reason to watch games with the sound turned off.

scioto slim said...

Howson has done a great job turning this team around on the ice now he needs to clean out the people in charge of the broadcasts. The stupid rules for the broadcast team seem to be for the bandwagon fans who know nothing about hockey. Whats jhm mean ? whats icing? I dont want to listen to propaganda during the game and i hate Jeff Rimmer.

Stephen said...

Can someone explain to me, what was the reasoning not to mention JHM during the playoffs? I don't get it? I understand not wanting to talk about the playoff drought, and its negative perception, but what is so negative about JHM?

shutupandeat said...

First Danny Gare, now Jim Day. It appears CBJ doesn't want Columbus to be an major league city. Sounds to me like the prefer the 'ol "let's all root for dear old state" mentality that chokes out all the other professional sports teams that are or were in our city 'er, I mean town. Gee, maybe we should just let 10TV handle the CBJ broadcasting. They seem to know aplenty about superfluous fluff.

roadman said...

The problem here is not the individual broadcasters. Like them or not, whether you wanted one, some, or none of them back. The problem is with the people making those decisions. H & H have done yeoman's work in making the Hockey side of the operation a legitimate franchise, and now these clowns pretty well destroy any kind of professional reputation that might have been established.
Mike Priest, Mr McConnell, or somebody ought to be sitting up and paying attention because this STINKS something awful! Somebody needs to held accountable for this and immediately. This has been a PR disaster and it needs to be fixed..... NOW!!!!!
If there was ever a time for the organization to show it's class and adhere to the principles set down by MR MAC, this is it.

Skraut said...

THIS is how I feel about it. Since when did we live in a draconian society?