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Monday, May 4, 2009

Random thoughts

* Who else cheered wildly when the Ducks won in the 3rd OT versus the Wings yesterday? The Ducks have played the Wings tough in both games and have been very physical..... and how much of a force has Ryan Getzlaf been? Dude is fun to watch.

* I can't fail to mention that it was former Blue Jacket Todd Marchant who scored the OT winner.

* Nik Zherdev made his debut for the Russian national team as they beat the US 4-1. Zherdev was pointless.

* A little late but my picks for the second round are: EAST: Boston, Washington. WEST: Detroit, Vancouver... I would like nothing more than to have the Ducks knock off the Wings however.

* It's interesting that the only team in the Central Division to not make this year's playoffs is the only team without a color in it's name. Chicago Blackhawks... Detroit Red Wings... Columbus Blue Jackets... St. Louis Blues... maybe they should rename Nashville to the Redators..

* Including the playoffs the Jackets finished the season with 6 straight regulation losses. They never lost more than the 3 in a row during the entire 82 game season. A sign that the team maxed out just to get in the dance and just didn't have that extra gear to go too -- I expect that to change next season.

* Good quote (or spin) from Hitch from

“It’s invaluable. It’s absolutely invaluable. I don’t look at it as a sweep. I know we didn’t win a game, but we got—in the course of four games—about two years’ worth of experience as to what it takes to be a championship team and play at a championship level. We should thank Detroit for giving us that. Now all of our young guys know where they have to get. Heck, some of our veterans probably learned that, too.”—Blue Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock after the Blue Jackets lost to Detroit in a first-round sweep.

* Still no work on the fate of the broadcast teams. I certainly hope they aren't the only ones under evaulation -- right Larry Hoepfner?

* Interested in getting caught up on who may be on the Jackets draft radar? Be sure to check out's draft section here and's here. Learn about TSN's top 15 here. Unless Anaheim makes it to the finals, the Jackets will pick 16th overall..... all the more reason to root from them to beat the Wings.

* Don't rule out the Jackets trading down the in the draft. The only round the Jackets do not own a 2nd round pick in is the 2nd round as it was dealt in the Leclaire/Vermette trade. A trade down could net them that missing pick.

* One would think the Jackets would target a defensemen or center with their first pick. Both are positions that could use more depth in the system. Rusty Klelsa has been the only d-man selected in the first round by the Jackets. Although Gilbert Brule was drafted as a center only Derick Brassard has actually played that position as a Jacket #1 pick. Lot's of d-men and centers in this first round crop.

* The Dispatch briefly mentioned last week that Voracek/Filatov/Brassard would spend time this offseason in Columbus working on their strength and conditioning. I really hope that is the case, especially with Filatov.

* Phaneuf on the block? The Globe and Mail is speculating about a big shakeup in Calgary and that Dion Phaneuf could be on the block. I know Phaneuf had an off year (if you consider 11g, 36a -11 an off year) but this dude is a stud on the blueline.

ASSETS: Hits everything that moves. Owns a big shot from the point and isn't shy about unleashing it. Displays all-around ability. Is the total physical package.
FLAWS: His defensive-zone coverage needs to improve in order to maximize his impact on the NHL. Can be a little too exhuberant at times and get out of position.
CAREER POTENTIAL: Top pairing defenseman with tremendous offensive acumen.

I doubt Columbus could afford his salary which is an average cap hit of just above 6.5 mil over the next 5 seasons.

Still if a player like that becomes available you have to kick the tires. Phaneuf is one of those guys you love to hate but would but would love to have. He would solve a lot of our problems on that blueline. He's mean, is a tremendous hitter, can move the puck very well and has an absolute cannon from the blueline that would do wonders for the PP. All areas we could desperately use (who couldn't right?).

Columbus would need to offer one of their blue chippers of Voracek/Brassard/Filatov plus their 1st round pick to get into the dicussion. Money aside I doubt Howson would pay that kind of price.

...or how abou this....if from some reason contact extension talk w/ Nash hits the skids maybe you start a Nash straight up for Phaneuf conversation? Although he'd be redundant on Calgary's roster with a guy named Iginla already occupying the franchise winger space.

Still though imagine what Hitch could do with a guy like this? Of course you fill one hole and it leaves another gaping one on offense.... so more moves would be required up front... but as they say, defense wins championships.

Hey it's the offseason.. it's the time for pie in the sky!


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Hitch Rules said...

Hey, they forgot to list Phaneuf's greatest asset, that smokin' hottie GF of his, Elisha Cuthbert (Old School, The Girl Next Door),and another Sean Avery ex (lol).

A photo follows:

Sorry to mention this, but, a man's gotta have his priorities, eh?