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Friday, May 29, 2009

MacLean chimes in

Saw this on HF and wanted to post here as well:

According to Doug today from The Fan 590 in Toronto:

17 MM was lost during the lockout because Mr. McConnell would not lay anyone off. MacLean is saying the team was profitable for the first 4 years.

An interesting point is that he claims it costs on average $30 MM to run an NHL franchise plus payroll. He also says additional payroll costs above those included in the cap are about 10%. This means a team at $50 MM cap spends 55 MM on payroll and needs $85 MM to break even.

He says the problem is the building lease AND the size of the TV market. He says corporate sponsorship is good, ticket sales are good, pretty much everything is fine except the lease and TV contract.

What's interesting is that Doug MacLean was the one responsible for negotiating that contract.

I'm not sure when it expires but the Jackets must absolutely fix that revenue stream and they have a lot more ammo now to do so. Here are the top 2009 ratings from FSNOH last year:

Apparently Portzline and Priest were both on 97.1 The Fan this afternoon but I didn't get a chance to listen. If anyone out there did please post the highlights in the comments if you could.



Max said...

Doug MacLean is a d-bag extrordinare. He's so full of it... All he's trying to do is stay relevant in the hockey world. Ever wonder why no one's really talked about him since 2007? It's because no one wants him to rot their front office.

Andrew said...

Priest said pretty much the same thing that was in the article