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Monday, May 4, 2009

Display your CBJ car flags on Tuesday!

From Ryan Salmons obituary:

****Ryan had an idea that it would be neat to use Blue Jackets car flags instead of funeral markers on each car going out to the cemetery. We have some Blue Jackets flags to use in the procession, but our supply is limited. If you have one or can find one before the service, please bring it and display it on your car.

Even if your not going to the service, but sure to display your CBJ car flags in Ryan's honor Jackets fans!



Barga said...

It always saddens me when in think that we as a community get together for one indivudal like RYan but can not come together to help the thousands of kids like him. RIP Ryan and RIP all other cancer kids

on a side note, do not use the flags Nationwide was handing out game day as they fly off at anything about 45 (and almost caused a wreck)

Barga said...

i think nationwide did it intentionally to jack up insurance rate (conspiracy theory)

LTL said...

Very true Barga.. hopefully Ryan's case will raise awareness for other folks fighting this fight.

I have another post on another little girl that has been touched by the Jackets that I will be sharing within the next couple of days.

The other stories may not get the pub that Ryan is getting but the Jackets are doing a lot behind the scenes to help a lot of kids like Ryan and their families during very difficult times.


Barga said...

Oh, i agree that the jackets are doing a ton of stuff to help these kids. it is part of the NHLs philosophy and part of Mr. Mac's ideals. That said, i think the issue is the fans, who only bought on because the jackets shoved ryan at them.

I hate it when i volunteer and see nobody else there helping, not enough money to get the kids what they deserve, and all of that. Ryan was lucky that he found a way to get what he deserved, i am only hoping that other kids get as lucky

MattTheMask said...

I will definitely have my car flags out and waving on both sides of the car for this Warrior. Ryan battled hard, and what he went through is not easy. My prayers are with his family and friends.

Bruce said...

Barga -

I agree that Ryan was lucky to receive the attention from the CBJ and the public, and hopefully it will raise awareness and funding to find a cure for pediatric cancer. Sadly many kids in his situation do not get this same level of attention, but seriously, How can you say that a 19 year old deserves to die from cancer?

Barga said...

holy shit, i never intended that to be read as if he deserved his death. Hell no, Ryan went far to early, as do most kids with these conditions. I meant deserved as in the care, the attention, the love, the playoffs, everything that he deserved in his life before he went.

Sorry to anybody if they thought i meant it otherwise

JAL said...

I'm not sure how we make the logical leap from the attention Ryan received to conclude that the fans don't pay attention to others in a similar plight.

I am a cancer survivor, coming up on 2 years, and spend a good deal of time volunteering, donating and whatever else I can do to help, and there are thousands more who do the same every day.

Publicity does not equal interest. I think it is great that Ryan felt comfortable enough to share his ordeal with the world, and that attention does bring more focus to the issue. Most cancer patients and their families do not want publicity.

Is there ever enough attention to the disease, which claims people of all ages every second? Undoubtedly not. But let's not mix metaphors here. Hockey fans are people, and in their private lives do lots to help others, including the Ryans of the world. Being compassionate and caring has nothing to do with being a hockey fan, though I will admit that hockey fans are, in general, some of the most genuine folks you will ever meet.

Flags will be on my car in the morning!

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