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Monday, May 11, 2009


Just a couple of quick thoughts.

* What a series between the Caps/Penguins -- one that I don't want to end.

* Congrats to David Steckel for getting the OT winner for the Caps to force game 7. Of course Steckel is a OSU hockey product who spent 4 years with the scarlet and gray.... great to see an OSU product doing so well. We can't forget about Kesler for the Canucks either who is having a nice playoff as well.

....and I have to say for anyone else who has met Steckel's dad (which automatically makes me think of the phrase "Stiffler's mom") back in his OSU playing days, that guy is an absolute riot to be around! Dude can put em away with the best of em as well. I can just imagine the grin on his face right about now.

* How important is the powerplay in these playoffs? It seems every momentum change is coming off a man advantage. 3 PPGs combined in the Pens/Caps game. 2 in the 'hawks game thus far. The Jackets have to be better in that area next year... no ifs... it must happen.

* I don't know who sings it but the 'hawks goal celebration song rocks!

* If the 'hawks win can they give the Wings a series? Unfortunately I don't think so. Maybe the Ducks can come back but not likely. Damn those Wings...! Grrr...

* Did you know Rick Nash is rehabilitating a rotator cuff injury? I didn't. According to it’s not believed to be serious.

* Set your DVRs for May 20th. That is when the FSN Ohio will air Blue Jackets Live: A season to remember. Check out the details here.



duryosu said...


Ditto on the 'hawks goal song! FYI, it is by a band called The Fratellis and the song is Chelsea Dagger.

Jeff D

Max said...

Love the Fratelllis. Game ops, get it in gear!

And why does Yahoo have the scoop before the beat writers? That's depressing...

LTL said...

Excellent. Thanks Jeff and to Rob who sent that in via email!

Limewire here I come!


LTL said...


Good point. I was thinkin as I was reading that last night that perhaps it was the beat writers who write that for -- kind of like what Porztline does for The Hockey News.

Maybe make a little extra dough on the side.

Regardless whomever writes that team update is definitely plugged into the happenings with the CBJ.


Wally said...

That stuff about Nash was on Puckrakers, somewhere... I can't find it, but they did report it around the time of the Hjeda/Picard wrist surgery updates.

Perhaps they were asked to remove it, not sure?

rocket said...

Random side note... did Steckel used to work at Abercrombie $ Fitch at Easton around 2001? I think I worked with that dude... Small world, or I could just be making this up?