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Saturday, November 3, 2007

The secret is out....

New Columbus articles popping up all around the national media the past few days:

Erik Duhatschek of the Toronto Globe and Mail had a lot ot say about the Jackets including this quote from Leclaire:

"All the media billed him as a big guy who yelled at everybody," answered LeClaire. "Since he got there on Day One, he's an honest guy who told us, it wasn't going to happen overnight. Everybody appreciates his honesty around here. He brought something that actually works for us right now, so guys believe in him and we're really happy to have him in Columbus … We trust each other a lot. We play with a lot of confidence. He brought something that maybe was a little missing — more structured play, especially on defence, which is so important. By winning, that's how you build your confidence, and right now, our confidence is pretty good."

Allan Muir just released his latest article titled "Classic Hitchcock" which is an absolute must read for Jacket fans. had this to say about them:

The Good
Hello, Columbus: Was there a better story in the first month than the rise of the Columbus Blue Jackets? They were almost universally dismissed heading into the new season after doing little to upgrade the lineup over the summer. But the Blue Jackets obviously bought into the disciplined system of coach Ken Hitchcock and finished with a 7-3-1 mark for the month. They're getting great goaltending from Pascal Leclaire, the offense they expect from Rich Nash and some real veteran leadership on and off the ice for a change.

As the wins continue to pile up so will the coverage and respect for this team and organization. The Jackets must be carefull though not to get caught up in the hype and continue to play within their disciplined system. Some people may laud the Jackets for playing boring defensive hockey but I can assure you that no fan in Columbus will complain as long as the 'W's' keep comin. This fanbase has seen far to many season of miserable hockey to care about the style at this point.


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