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Friday, November 16, 2007

Lazy turnovers and a dismal powerplay result in loss of precious points

The Jackets held the edge in total play tonight but came up empty in the points department when a horrible turnover late in the 3rd period by Sergei Fedorov turned into a St. Louis Blues goal and sealed the victory for them. As a fan I feel like I just got kicked in the "you know what" area -- I can only imagine how Hitch and the team feels.

Lit it up

The Jackets as a whole outplayed this Blues team. They out shot them 30-23... They drew more penalties....they did everything they should on the road. There is no reason they shouldn't have walked out of there with at least a point....bu that's what happens when players get lazy.

Again the PK did its job killing all of the Blues penalties.

Fredrik Norrena deserved a much better fate. Not much he could do on either goal. He made the saves he should make to keep this team in it.

Congrats to Al MacInnis!

Dim the light

Westcott continued to play well his second game back and picked up a late assist on Nash's goal. In fact the entire defense I thought played better tonight and made crisper sharper passes. They may have more to do with the Blues lack of offensive fire power after the Kariya line but it was a step in the right direction.

Toronto finally didn't screw us on a video replay when they awarded Curtis Glencross a goal after Erik Johnson intentionally lifted the net.

Alot of players played well tonight and deserved a better fate. The Chimera-Manny-Fritsche line particularly good and Nik Zherdev could have had a multiple point game if he and his linemates could convert on their chances.

Busted Bulbs

Could our 6 million dollar man Sergei Fedorov have played worse tonight? Pathetic is the best word to describe him. The first goal was a direct result of him not covering his man (Kariya) in front of the net....and then with less than 3 minutes in the game this NHL veteran, winner of 3 Stanley Cups, an MVP and future Hall of Famer skates the puck out of the zone in full control and then just hands the puck to the Blues in the zone! A few second later the puck in is our over. The only thing Fedorov did well tonight was take faceoffs (he went 10 for 4) --- this team cannot just throw points like this down the drain b/c of lazy pathetic play like this -- wake the hell up Feds!

Powerplay = powerpoop. As much as Feds hurt this team tonight the powerplay was right up there with him. This team had a 5 on 3 for over 1:30 in the 3rd period and failed to put any points on the board. It was a turning point in the game and ultimately the Blues capitalized after we failed to put them away. This team's powerplay has been in a downward spiral the past few weeks and games like this is when you really feel the impact of not converting --- the Jackets have got to get this thing back on track.

This team needs to learn to hit. the. net.

This was a very frustrating loss...probably more frustrating than the Dallas loss where this team blew a late 1 goal lead to lose in a shootout. These were precious, precious points thrown away b/c of one player's inability to focus and this team's inability to capitalize on the powerplay. This the kind of game you look back at if you miss the playoffs and say damn -- there was two points we should have had.

It is what is now though...the Jackets have to put it behind them and focus on a Wings team who comes to town on Sunday -- things don't get any easier. I hate to be negative but the Jackets could find themselves only 1 game above .500 after Sunday - that after being 5 games above .500 less than a week 1/2 ago.


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