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Monday, November 26, 2007

Live bloggin

Another game the Jackets can look back at and think "what if".... Outshout Oilers 31-19... 1 penalty shot that was missed... and 7 powerplays including a 5 on 3 for a minute with mintues remaining in the 3rd and the Jackets come up empty handed.


41 seconds left... Jackets special teams just not special tonight...they are outshooting this Oil team 29-19... can't beat Roloson..

Big face off here..

Do you think about pulling the goalie here? Probably not since they could ice it all they want... WOW...Jackets catch another big break here -- get a 5 on 3 for a's the game.

DAMN...there was our chance by the Nash-Peca-Z line... Jackets drew a powerplay out of it...but excuse me if I don't exaclty get excited about a PP chance for this team tonight....

Boll-Brule-Nash on a line....Hitch lookin for anything at this point...Jackets just don't have the jump and are losing battels all over the ice...Boll got away with one there to when he ran into Roloson..

Whelp...not surprised to see that goal by the Oil... the Jackets have had multitude of chances on the PP and haven't even come close to mounting anything sustained...I have a feeling that goal just sealed the fate of this game.

Jackets not getting the face off wins on this kill.... manage to kill it but the Oil had a lot of posession on it.. Jackets running around in their own zone now...need to regain composure..

Get the feeling here that whomever makes that one big mistake is gonna lose this game... think Fedorov turnover late in the 3rd during that St. Louis game a few games back.

Hah..what a hit by bad it flattened Shelley...



Jackets PP is a total mess this game... 4 minutes there with really no sustained pressure...they may just want to decline these the rest of the game as they are playing better even strength.

NO really we can credit Hainsey with two goals this game...scored one and saved one.
Reviewing that's close... can go either way I think. I have a feeling they are gonna count this one. Nice effort by Hainsey regardless...

Jackets PP is a mess...they just gave up a shorthanded breakaway...Norrena with another H--U-G-E stop....Jackets need to remove their colletive PP heads from their asses...

Bad call on Stoll there by the refs on Z....the Oil definitely have a beef with that a double minor...Jackets have got to get something goin here.

Some decent news on Leclaire..a tweaked hamstring....if that's it then I can start breathing again...

Norrena an awesome save there..especially coming in as cold as the Edmonton weather...still waiting on ole Jim Day to give us an update on the situation with Leclaire....I fear the worst but am still hoping for the best.....him goin down with an extended injury would be a serious kick to the you know where region.

Not good...Leclaire talking with trainer...favoring left leg it looks like...we all know Leclaire injury history.... Norrena in...not good...not good what-so-ever.

Jackets survive that Oiler PP....and I mean survive...Leclaire with some sticky sweet saves..

Jackets get nothing on the remaining minute of PP.....nice hustle by Nasher though...Glencross with a slashing penalty..



Uhg....actually how bout way to describe that PP opp....Jackets catch another break with Edmonton getting caught with to many guys on the ice.. go on their 3 PP of the game....period ends with 1 min left on the PP which also looked like dung - Oilers PK looking good.

Jackets caught again in an odd man rush when they muffed another cross ice pass...that's twice now...first one resulted in a goal...the second the hockey gods smiled down on a us and blessed Leclaire's post. Jackets just drew another penalty...goin on their 2nd PP. much for the missed net....Hainsey just unloaded one from the point that got through Roloson..looks like Vybes and Peca with assists....nice face off win for bad he doesn't get an assist...just goes to show how important those face off wins are.

Crap.....missed fact missed the net entirely....that one hurts.

Uh oh... penalty shot time... #61...sweet pass from Peca... yowza!

Jackets draw a lets see what this PP can. Boll also flying around out there and doing what he does best which is throwing that body of his around....kid never takes the night off...if you need a pee break - now's the time - glass broke (probably from a Boll hit!)..

Good kill by the Jackets. Vyborny with a real nice defensive play in the slot to deny the Oil a prime scoring chance.

The 4th line caught down low which led to an odd man rush on that Oilers goal. Its also a shot I'm sure Leclaire would love to have back. Jackets not lookin good early on and just took a penalty to boot.


Figured I'd give this a whirl tonight.

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