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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pre-game thoughts: Jackets @ Anaheim

The Jackets taken on the struggling defending Stanley Cup champs Anaheim Ducks tonight in Anaheim.

Keys to lighting em up

Alot of people seem to think the Ducks are gonna come out swinging and looking for a fight. The Jackets need to be ready for that kind of game but at the same time keep their composure and let Anaheim take dumb penalties. Apparently they are gunning for Jared Boll - nothing new for the kid he'll be just fine - the kid can handle himself with the rough stuff.

The Jackets will need to shut down the Perry/Getzlaf line. Anaheim has struggled to score goals only potting 27 thus far in 13 games. If they can shut these two down I think they have good chance of getting a point or two out of this game.

Jackets can't take penalties like they did last night...not when you have a Chris Pronger on the other side who can flat out bring the heat from the blueline. They especially can't give up two man advantages.

I have a feeling the Jackets are really gonna have to weather a storm and really fight to stay in this one. This game screams let down and I think they are really going to have to rely on their system.

Fredrick Norrena is gonna have to play well. Its kind of a crappy situation for him to step into....a 4 game winning streak...the tail end of a back to back on the road...against a team that is getting back a lot of players looking to turn their season around...yep....could be a recipe for disaster and Norrena will have to be our best player tonight.

Need that timely get the 1st one again tonight would be huge...this team has had some different folks step and be heroes this year...last night it was Chimera....who might it be tonight? Kris Russell is still looking for that illusive first goal and has really come on as of late -- could it be him?
Would also be nice to get the PP firing again.

This is a good game to stay up late to watch if only to see if any rough stuff comes about like some think it may.....and can the Jackets win 5 in a row? I'll be watching...hopefully you are as well!



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