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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jackets feast on some a shootout....finally!!

3 up 3 down - so it went as Peca, Nash and Zherdev converted on their shootout attempts to finally win a shootout game for the Jackets as they move to 11-8-4 for the season.

This was a huge game (they all seem huge don't they?) as the Jackets came out with a strong effort on the tail end of a back to back against a Wings team that has owned this overall series. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop for this team like they are going to into some prolonged slump but 20+ games into the season I can stop that wait as this team is for real.

Lit it up

How bout that Zherdev! He had that bad turnover that resulted in the Wings second goal which can't be overlooked but Z more than made up for that gaff with strong play in both ends, a couple of hits (how bout that one on Clearly towards the end of the game!) a goal and a game clinching shootout goal. This kid just looks like he's enjoying playing hockey again (see pic to the right for proof) and being a Blue Jacket. Its really astonishing to think about where this kid was last year and where he is now - he's making me a believer.

Pascal Leclaire. He didn't have an awesome game but boy did he come up big when the game was on the line in that 3rd period through to OT and the shootout. That save he made on a redirected Holmstrom shot towards the end of the 3rd was about as clutch as you could get. He was also huge during the Wings 5 on 3.

Shootout! Finally this team got a damn win during the shootout. Nothing pleases me more than seeing the fair weather Wings fans walk out of Nationwide with the heads between their tails.

Congrats to David Vyborny for playing his 500th game (all as a Blue Jacket) and recording his 300th point.

How important is Michael Peca to this team? Jackets are 9-4-2 when he's in the lineup. Lots of fans ready to give this guy an extension now although I'd argue we should extend Hitchock first!

Speaking of, every game I'm more and more impressed with Hitch. The guy just knows how to control a game and what buttons to push when. For instance the timeout he called in the first period as the Jackets were hemmed in their own zone and iced the puck. He recognized that even though it was only the 1st period it was a key point in the game and burned his TO to give his guys a rest and refocus them -- and whadyaknow, the momentum changed in the Jackets favor. Most coaches don't call a TO there.

Also a tip of the cap to Chris Osgood. The score of this game could have easily been 4 or 5 to 2 after the second period. He made some outstanding stops.

Gawd I love the Rbar. Seriously if I could put a bed in there and sleep I would. Another fantastic job by Mike, Natalie and the gang as they put on another great event for the fans last night. If you've never been then go, your missing out on a great hockey atmosphere pre and post game.

..oh and a big shout out to my boss for tracking me down in the arena and bringin an extra beer for me in the process!

Dim the light

It was a quite a night on the scoresheet for the Monster but Nash did some little big things that really helped this team. The pass he picked off during the Wings 5 on 3 was just as important as scoring a goal - maybe even more important. Boy did he have some great looks though in the 2nd period but credit to the Wings for not giving up.

The PK did give up a goal but thanks to some great goaltending, active sticks and outstanding face off wins (Jackets won 60% of the faceoffs last night) the kill did its job, especially when it needed to the most in the 3rd period.

Almost a full house yesterday. The upper and lower bowls were jam packed. The only reason it wasn't a sell out was b/c of the club section. Place was rockin though!

Busted Bulbs

So Aaron Downy couldn't handle Shelley so he went after middle weight Jarred Boll? Boll gave him all he could handle that's for sure....and Downy, leave the waving off the refs crap to Mathew Barnaby, especially after you just got your ass handed to you earlier in the game by a guy in your weight class.

How many chances were the refs gonna give the Wings in the face off circle in the Jackets zone during their powerplay in the 3rd period? Michael Peca won not one, not two but three in a row as the stripes kept blowing the play dead after each win. Talk about "orginal 6" calls. The face offs that late in the game or so critical and to all of a sudden start getting picky when the Jackets are already down a man was ridiculous.

After a bad bad loss to the Florida Panthers at home the Jackets have responded well taking 4 of 4 points over weekend to vault them back into 5th in the conference (although they are actually tied with 4 other teams for 2nd with 26 points) and keeping pace with a very competitive Western Conference.

It was a loads of fun to be a Jacket fan this weekend!


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