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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Team Canada advances....US falls in OT and is eliminated

Hitch, Nash and and the boys on Team Canada advanced in their first elimination game against Norway 8-2. They are now in the final four of the World Championship and will be competing for a medal.

Rick Nash continues his tear in that tourney notching 2 goals and an assist. He's second in tournament scoring with 5g, 7a for 12p in 7 games played.

Of course the game wasn't as much of a one sided affair as you'd think by the final outcome. If fact the score was 2-2 mid-way through the 2nd period. A quote from Hitch:

''When it was 2-2, I was wondering if that ferry had a direct route to Columbus,'' Hitchcock said before boarding a plane to Quebec instead. ''The players play and they don't worry about things. We sweated all day today as a coaching staff.

''These are defining moments for you as a coach because if you lose this game, you all (the media) are writing about us and me tomorrow. And it's not going to be pleasant.''

This will be Canada's 6th straight trip to the semifinals. Leclaire gets the starts tomorrow.

Unfortunately that can't be said for the US team. They lost 3-2 in OT to Finland. Its the second time in this tournament that the US lost a 1 goal game to that country in OT. Unfortunately, being an elimination game, it will be the final time. The US will finish 5th overall and will not earn a medal. A disappointing end to their tournament but many young US players earned valuable international experience.

The US team just can't seem to get over the hump lately. They lost to Canada by one goal. They lost to Finland in two games each by a goal. Two years ago they lost in the World Juniors semifinals to Canada in an OT shootout. One of these days they are going to start getting the better end of these outcomes. It can't come soon enough.

If you weren't yet, we are all Team Canada fans now!!


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Anonymous said...

Yes, it was very stressful! We were talking after the game about how the mood would have been at the post game meal had they lost, noot only that, what a logistical nightmare!!! All of the friends and family are in and the charter to Quebec City was waiting for us--our hotel rooms were abandoned in Halifax...had they lost what a nightmare it would have been.

It only gets tougher from here on in.