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Friday, May 30, 2008

Colin Wilson impressing at combine

Interesting note from's blog about the combine:

10:41 - We've got a new star at the combine - it's Colin Wilson of Boston University. He was ranked 10th in North America by CSB, but that might be going up because NHL types certainly took notice of him today. To put it bluntly, he is ripped. Before he even did anything, Wilson looked NHL-ready with a big, strong body. Then he got on the bench and blew everyone else away. Unofficially, previously mentioned strongman John Carlson did 16 reps on the bench press. Wilson did 21.

Most of the time, the GMs don't pay much attention to this stuff, they are mostly here for the interviews, but many were seen taking notice of Wilson's efforts.

Also a note on Filatov:

12:29 - All eyes were on Nikita Filatov when Group 4 came out, as he is the top-rated European and could be a top three pick in the draft. Strength was not his strength, but he did well in general.

There was one funny moment when Filatov was asked to do the balance drill, which involves standing for as long as possible on a board that sits on top of a ball. He wasn't sure what to do with the apparatus and, although he speaks good English, needed help from the translator. After several attempts at explaining what was required, Filatov just shrugged his shoulders, jumped up on the board and did fine.

There are literally dozens of people following Filatov. Just by coincidence, perhaps, there was one point during his testing when Filatov was almost eye-to-eye with Kings GM Dean Lombardi, who just happens to hold the second overall pick in the draft. It's not like Lombardi was paying more attention to Filatov than anyone else, but it was an interesting snapshot to see them facing each other in such close quarters.

Both Kyle Beach and Alex Petriangelo were unable to work out according to the article.

There is a bunch of more details, just go here to read them.

Everyone seemed to be impressed with a couple of yanks in Bogosian and Wilson. Bogosian was already projected to be a top 3 pick but Wilson could have seen his stock rise today. He was projected to be a top 10 pick but perhaps he jumped a couple of spots today on some boards.

There are a bunch of 1:1 interview over on as well you all may want to check out. Good stuff.

How many more days til this damn draft? C'mon already!!


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