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Friday, May 16, 2008

Blue biscuits

Bob Hunter has some interesting Jackets nuggets to share in his weekly "rumblings" column today.

First up was his review of Derek Brassard in the AHL playoffs. Brassard scored 13 points in 13 games for the Crunch and it seems, at least to Bob, that perhaps the Jackets may think he's ready to hold down that #2 center position. He goes on to say what's the point of sinking a bunch of dough into a #2 veteran center if the 20 Brassard is ready?

He makes a valid point. I'm just not sure the Jackets can hedge their bets that he will indeed be ready. They have gotten "brule'd" on that before! Lots of holes to fill though so if there is one area they may choose to roll the dice on it may be on the 20 year old 2006 #6 overall pick in that 2nd line center hole.

He also touched on Jason Spezza and the comments that Hitch made during the World Championships that he is ready to be coached to take his game to an even higher level. Some people may read that as Hitch hinting he'd love to be that coach. I read that Spezza, for all the natural talent this guy has, is a bit of a headcase. When Ottawa got eliminated and the Spezza trade rumors started to fly I was first in line wanting to acquire this guy. I'm not so sure he's the kind of player I'd be willing to give up mountains of assets for to acquire at this point.

Speaking of the 2006 draft. How good is the top of that draft looking? You had Erik Johnson, Jordan Staal, Jonathen Towes, Niklas Backstrom, Phil Kessel, Derek Brassard, Kyle Okposo and Peter Mueller as the top 8. All are making impacts. In fact at this point Brassard has made the least impact in the NHL but that doesn't mean much at this point as the Jackets have finally given one of their top forwards time to develop. That draft is shaping up to be something special early on.

In case you haven't heard yet, Rick Nash is on the cover of the NHL2K9. What great exposure for the franchise and for 61. Well deserved.

A quote from Nasher on the announcement:

"My idols have all been on the covers of video games as I was growing up, so to be on the cover of NHL 2K9 myself is truly incredible," said Nash. "The set of new features they're adding is really going to make this game special for hockey fans - I'm hoping they give me a couple extra points to my player rating this year!"

My friend asked what color do you think the jersey will be that they put him in on the cover? We both love the whites but I think they'll go with a shot of him in the union blue.

For me personally I was a big fan of the NHL2K series but EA really upped the ante last year and made one of the best hockey video games I have ever played and haven't played 2k since. I'll buy the 2k series next year just for the cover but I'm hoping they do an extreme make-over of their game similar to what EA did last year an up their own ante. A healthy competition amongst game company's only benefits the quality of the product for the consumer.

Anyhow - way to go Nasher!! I finally have something new to put in the "CBJ Closet" section of this blog.

Hitch, Nash, Leclaire, Chimera and Team Canada are back at it today as they move into the semi-finals against Sweden at 5 p.m. EST. Obviously a win today puts them in the finals and a chance at their 2nd straight gold medal. Pascal Leclaire gets the starts in what is probably the biggest game of his career. This experience will only build confidence for his first playoff game next season :)

According to Puck-rakers Howson hopes to open up contract extension talks with Hitch over this summer. Don't look for Hitch to be extended anytime before the Draft or the July 1st UFA season. I think Hitch wants to wait to see what kind of groceries Howson gets him to cook a winner with before committing long term. Who can blame him.

Who else thinks these playoffs are taking foooorrreeeevvvveeeer!?! With such a big offseason on tap for the CBJ I want nothing but sweeps (preferably a sweep of Detroit) so we can get on with the offseason. NHL Draft only 35 days away. I'm expecting some major CBJ wheeling and dealing by Howson and the brass.


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