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Friday, May 9, 2008

More draft stuff..

Its certianly the year of the d-man.
Here is a great blog entry on Luke Schenn and Tyler Myers. Both guys have a real possibility of being Jackets if they retain that #6 pick. These descriptions are from a Phoenix Coyotes scout:

Luke Schenn:

"He's a guy that looks like he can step in next year. Unless you are going to pick in the top five, I don't think you are going to get him or Tyler Myers. I think Myers is right up there in that picture too. Luke is probably the most mature guy physically-wise and mentally-wise in the draft that can step in and play at the National Hockey League level.""He keeps the game the way he should play it. He keeps it simple. He moves the puck, he's very strong in his own end. He could get stronger physically, which he will with maturity, but their are not many holes in his game.""We want a guy who is mobile, a guy who can move the puck quickly and accurately to the forwards, and he does that. He's strong in his own end, he clears the front of the net well and he's strong in the corners. Luke has a good low shot from the point, which I would like to see him use more often, but he's the whole package."

Tyler Myers:

"If you saw him last year, you saw him this summer, you saw him at the start of this year to where he is now, it's unbelievable the strides he has taken. I mean, 6 foot 7 and he can skate. The other night he took off down the wing and he just blew by everybody. Their is no doubt about it, this kid...we were hoping he would drop down but I don't think so. I think he has a good chance to go in the top five."

"If you look at Luke Schenn right now, he is the more complete player. But you say to yourself, down the road will Tyler be better than Luke Schenn? But hey, we would be happy to have either one of them on our team. I think Myers has Chris Pronger potential. The other night he cranked a few guys. This kid is going up and up and up, so he's going to be a hell of a pick for someone."

Rest of blog post can be found here.

That post definitely gets me a little more excited about Myers. Like the scout says, 6'7" and can skate? Very rare combination indeed. Definitely starting to warm up to him at #6 if Schenn and the other big 4 are gone.


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