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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Even more draft stuff

A quick post but I have to point out a couple of things.

First up there is a brand new spanking site up that takes in depth looks (with videos) at the cream of the cream of the 2008 draft. Pretty much every first round talent is analyzed in depth.

For us states side its very hard for us to get to see many of these draft picks as NCAA D1 hockey, Major Canadian Junior and Euro leagues just aren't televised. This site is about as good as we are going to get for now.

Just click on "North American Skaters" and then click the player name and your off and running (er skating!).

Guys to really pay attention to that may be there at 6 are Schenn, Myers, Pietrangelo and Filatov. Although I really liked what I saw from Bogosian (reminds me of Ray Bourque..drool!).

Then of course if we have onto 19th overall....hell, just watch em all to be safe :)

Secondly there is a thread over at HFBoards that has pictures of past Hockey News draft mags. I get this every year and its a great reference come before, during and after draft day. This poster did a tremendous job of taking a look at 1987 and up. Very fun viewing. Check out the thread here.

Also am I the only one who thinks Ottawa's draft logo is kinda of lame? Maybe its the homer in me shining through but bring back the CBJ Draft Logo....that sucker was sweet.

While we are on the subject you can check out all the past Draft Logos here.Enjoy (I know I am)!!


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