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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


That wasn't exactly the kind of 6 pack I was hoping for last night. Let's jump into it.

@ Calgary
Score: Flames 6 Jackets 3

* Rick "The Monster" Nash (somebody needs to make a vid to the Monster Mash with Nash highlights...someone? anyone?) with this second career 5 on 3 goal. That goal single handily at least made this a game through the first 40 mins.

* The PP looked good for the most part. It converted on 2 opportunities including another 5 on 3 and did a real nice job on entries and quick puck movement. The only downside is with how crappy this team was 5 on 5 they needed even more production from it.

* Great to see Brass get a goal and another helper. Even better was that he had some of the best shifts I've seen from him thus far this season.

* Sammy Pahlsson.. the lone plus player for the good guys.

* He didn't show up on the score sheet but Kris Russel played one of his finest games of the season. Had a beautiful breakup on that 2 on 1... some nice puck movement.. and really it was he who created the first PP goal (I think it was the first one) with his hit in the offensive zone which caused the turnover.

* Another fun night on the live blog... thanks to the 70 or so of ya who joined in!

* Jackets PK did it's part again.

* Voracek wasn't bad.. another guy that was good to see get a non-empty net goal... he was buzzing around fairly well out there.. unfortunately he was about the only one on his line doing so.

* I give Dorsett some credit by trying to send a message late in the 3rd with the game clearly out of hand.

* The Jackets hung in there twice battling back from 2 goal deficits... the Flames were just too much and the Jackets too little in the 3rd.

* Stralman with his first helper as a Jacket. I continue to like where this kid's game is heading.

* Where to start... I guess with Mase... an off night for the sophomore (understatement). Had a bad bounce on the first goal.. didn't control the rebounds well (Bouwmeester).... wasn't ready for shots (Phaneuf)... no big game saves (Iginla)... overplayed pucks (Sjostrom)... need to quickly erase this game from all short term memories and press on.

* Even strength used to be the Jackets strength... not any longer... all 6 Flames goals came at even strength.... the Jackets collectively payed for it by going a combined -26.... you know this more than anything is just gnawing at Hitch today.

* Sloppy is good word... way to many turnovers.. too many odd man rushes.. too many players coasting... Jackets let guys like Phaneuf go coast to coast without even putting a stick on him... they had about as bad of a start as you could possibly imagine... just a bad night.

* Kristian Huselius might as well have taken the night off... the Jackets would have been better off for it.

* Tyutin has some bright spots but he had a bad gaffe that lead directly to Iginla's goal..

* Vermette was caught being a passenger as he watched Langkow score..

* Not containing Iginla who had a 3 point night.

* Surprising to me was that there wasn't a whole lot of rough stuff in this game... a lot of special teams play however.

* Umberger was quiet minus his work on the PP.

* I don't recall Boll playing.

* I'm sure there is a helluva lot more that belongs here but time to move on!

* Nasher's shorty
* Brassard gets on the board... so does Voracek
* PP & PK

It's very hard to win in the Saddledome but the Jackets did a lot to beat themselves in this game.
There is a a lot of mess to clean up and I have no doubt Hitch has the mop out as we speak.

I expect Garon to get the start in Edmonton and we've heard Filatov will be in the lineup... my guess its in place of Boll.

Clean it up and move on boys. You're still sitting pretty with a 5-2 record but need to bounce back strong in Oil town.



Paul said...

Boll was in there although not much. Was absolutely robbed on a one timer at the top of the crease by Kiprusoff in the third. That and the inability to convert on their 2nd 5 on 3 I believe ultimately deflated the Jackets.

C'mon boys! Keep you chins up!

CBJ_Nut said...

I wondered at times if Juice forgot he was a Blue Jacket and still a Flame. He seemed more inclined to pass the puck to a Flamer than one of the "Good Guys". Geeezz. His game is light as usual, but the guy was "lighter" then usual. Let's hope he turns this around quickly.

Actually, I thought the boyz played well at times. I was really psyched by the two PP goals and, of course, Nashers 3 on 5 shortie. He moves pretty good on the ice doesn't he?! Sooooooo glad we have him wrapped up for another nine seasons.

Mase was bad as has been stated, but our defense didn't do much to help him. Too much time and especially space for Calgary.

Oh, well, must March and Fight up the road. Let's leave an oil spot on the ice and earn two more points.


LTL said...

Good point on Boll Paul.. that was an excellent chance.

Also the 2nd period as a whole should have been a green light.


patrick said...

@CBJ_Nut - i couldnt agree more with everything you have said. especially the comments about Huse. If we can play this guy, whose scoring upside is to supposed to compensate for his turnovers and lack of physical prescence, then an easy case could be made to give filatov some minutes. even on the kids worst night he cant play as bad as Huse did last night.

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